Anxieties and Lies

Anxieties and Lies

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a bookWe will in a moment discuss how to destroy these lies by an illustration on the need for self acceptance. But first, let us point out the two levels of lies. They are both lies. They both counter God's truth, but one functions on top of another, much like a trunk and branches depend upon its root system. The root lie is buried down deep in the heart; the branch lies are more superficial. Worries will always return unless the hidden root lie is effectively dealt with.

Two Levels of Lies

1) Root lie

That root lie is directly linked with a person's insecurity or lack of fulfillment in life.

2) Branch lie

Branch lies build upon root lies by trying to obtain our perceived needs.

The more desperate we are to get a need fulfilled,
the more susceptible we are to listening to false promises.

Discussion on Biblical Friendship

A biblical perspective of friendship will challenge us not to put the need of friends above the Lord. Making friends is important but not so important that you would do something that would not please the Lord. Sometimes we will go through difficult periods in life, but God uses them to bring us closer to the Lord. God wants to cultivate your friendship with Him. If during these times you reject spending more time with the Lord, then you will miss your opportunity with God and go astray.

The lie is the false statement that we have or are in process of adopting. This false line of thinking causes us to make wrong conclusions. However, because we want the fulfillment of some need or comfort for some insecurity, we believe the false promises that the lie provides for the satisfaction of some need. We adopt that philosophy and reject the Lord. Let me go through two ways people try to gain acceptance apart from God.

Path #1 of Gaining Acceptance

Path #2 of Gaining Acceptance


Companionship comes from having people near me.


My primary needs for love comes from those around me.

Goal: I want to have lots of friends.

• Those with nice cars have lots of friends.

Goal: I want to have lots of friends.

• Those that look beautiful have lots of friends.

• I need a nice car.
• Nice cars cost a lot of money.
• I need to be rich.
• I'll work real hard and get several jobs.

• I want to look beautiful.
• Read magazines
• Get teeth reworked
• Starve oneself
• Expensive hair work
• Tattoos in revealing places

This person believes having people near him will solve his problems. He sees that those that have nice cars have lots of friends. He is convinced he needs a nice car, but they cost a lot of money. He tries to figure a way to make a lot of money. He decides he will work a couple of jobs to get up the money. But of course, because he is working so hard, he even has less friends.

The root lie is thinking having people around him will satisfy him. All the other matters and decisions listed above are lies too. They run counter to God's will. But they live off the insecurity of the first. If one really wants to solve this person's worry problems, they need to get down to the root lie.

The goals are the same for this person. But her solution is different. She notices those that are beautiful have lots of friends. So she spends lots of money and time improving her looks.

She goes into debt and poor health trying to fulfill the false promise: those that have beauty have lots of friends. It doesn't work out so easy! She is disillusioned.

The root lie that friends can satisfy that deep need of intimacy is not fulfilled. She needs to find God and meet with Him. He will satisfy that need as designed.

True companionship comes from caring for others.

Personal friendship ultimately comes from knowing and being loved by God.

In order to destroy a lie, one must be honest with oneself and seek, know and speak the truth. As one does this, he will be attentive to what the Lord wants. A lie on the other hand leads a person to his own solutions. The truth leads him contrary to God's solutions.

We have used several examples how to destroy lies. This is the first important part of overcoming worries.

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