Answers to Anxiety Worksheet

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a book

Coping with Worries

Session #6

  • Slide #2
    No matter how I feel, God is lovingly caring for me.
    I am unable to properly care for my situation.
    God wants to help me. I know this because of the scriptures.

  • Slide #3
    People have tried long and hard to get rid of anxieties without real effectiveness, so they have given up hope on eliminating them.

  • Slide #4
    However, if we want to overcome worries, we need to see what powers them. We need to take a look at their engine.

  • Slide #5
    We are unable to overcome worry because we are fighting the wrong enemy.
    Our helplessness comes from using tactics and weapons that are totally unsuitable in effectively dealing with our spiritual problems.

  • Slide #6
    These cities were livable fortresses.
    They could be easily discouraged with defeat.
    They had no weapons to demolish the 46 foot high wall!

  • Slide #7
    There are two parts to our fight.
    Destroying - Exposing the lies
    Capturing - Affirming the

  • Slide #8
    There is simply no neutral ground! There is no way to avoid the effect of either side. You cannot just watch!
    In whatever area of our life that our thoughts and behavior comes short of God, we can be sure that we have listened to the lies of the evil one.

  • Slide #9
    Unbelievers - keep darkened from believing
    Remember that Satan uses lies or falsehood to get his way because he has no inherent authority.
    At the heart of a lie is rebellion.
    The battle then consists of destroying these arguments and abolishing any allegiance to them.

  • Slide #10
    Whoever controls your mind, controls you.
    A wise person is able to see how thoughts, beliefs and actions are related to each other.
    Our words and actions reveal what we believe.

  • Slide #11
    By contrasting lies with the truth, one is essentially shining the light of God’s truth upon them.
    What we say we believe often is very different from what we actually believe.
    We need to see whether our attitudes, thoughts, and words are pleasing to God.
    The right belief will engender faith statements. These are powerful truths which we should speak aloud.

  • Slide #12
    That root lie is directly linked with a person's insecurity or lack of fulfillment in life.
    Worries will always return unless the hidden root lie is dealt with.
    The more desperate we are to get a need fulfilled, the more susceptible we are to listening to false promises.
    In order to destroy a lie, one must be honest with oneself and seek, know and speak the truth.

  • Slide #13
    We can detect lies perhaps, but unless we take every thought captive to what pleases our Lord, then we will miserably fail.
    We are broken, or as a friend recently said to me 'shattered.'

  • Slide #14
    In order for us to pursue the truth of God, we must be intent on having God's Word occupy our minds.
    If our minds are left to themselves, they will always default to the flesh .
    This is the reason the advice to think the opposite to what you are thinking to discover the way of God is quite good.