Pray BFF #71                                   April 19, 2005

Dear Prayer Team,

A Little Fun

The average number of people coming to the BFF website now is over one thousand per day. Paul regularly tinkers with the website to make it more user friendly and search-engine catchy. Today, for example, he spent about thirty minutes putting the link index to all the Acts articles on each Acts page. 

Here are two different rather comical situations that came up this past week.

#1. Someone searched for:  "How Do I Get a Splinter out of My Child's Hand?" How did they come to the BFF's website? Is it because there are instructions about removing splinters? Not at all. In one of the messages on revival Paul makes reference to getting a splinter out of a child's finger as an example of revival. The person evidently wanted to read about revival. (Click on the picture to view that page).

#2. eBay boasts that it sells everything. Paul spotted one ad that read:  "Husbands for sale."  He was wondering if this is an ingenious way to handle a difficult husband. Sell him on eBay!

Lots of Work

Paul is speaking four times this week, twice in Chinese.

The parenting class started last Wednesday. About fourteen parents or parents-to-be attended. We could have a few more this coming week. We will meet for at least the next ten Wednesday evenings . We may need an extra session for those interested baby basics. Fortunately, the materials only need polishing, but we still must print English and Chinese handouts. Needless to say, please keep praying that Paul's 'Chinglish' doesn't scare people away. Several non-Christians are in the class.

Paul has had many opportunities to counsel those interested in full-time service. Some of them are very disillusioned with the politics in their churches and yet have a burden for real ministry. The problem in all these cases is that good training is not easily available. Less and less people are going the traditional route of seminary. Paul wonders whether God is stirring up the need for Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT) here in Pittsburgh.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

 For the  use  of our new church  facilities for the Parenting Class.

 Steps taken to understand more business matters. May it bear fruit!

 Paul is thankful that the loftbed that he is building with his children for Allision is almost done.

 The New Life classes were well-received and brought significant help to the attendees.

 Our family is greatly enjoying the recent wonderful weather.

 The Cross Training discipleship materials are almost complete.

 Thank the Lord for Elizabeth's help in designing graphics for the front of each Cross Training booklet.

The Parenting class has started. May the parents be changed in their hearts and so be helped by God's principles. We need some more babysitters to help out during the class.

 Pray for Paul's sermon on marriage on Sunday, 4/24.

 Paul's last Mandarin marriage class is on Saturday, 4/23.

 May the BFF readers be renewed in heart and mind.

 God is stirring a lot of people's interest in full-time service. Praise God! But now may they get proper training.

 Pray for grace that Linda will find time to edit and still manage her many other duties!

 Christian Leadership Renewal Center will be opening at the end of this month. We are very encouraged to see this step of bringing practical and helpful training one step closer to the people who need it.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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