Pray BFF #70                                   March 30, 2005

Dear Prayer Team,

Progress in the Making

Progress these days means continuous learning. Paul has so much to learn before producing the this first Library. The teaching material is finished and organized; that is exciting. But there are so many details to learn. Simple things like buying the right Libraries, making sure the huge files fit on the hard drive, learning the upgraded and some new programs keep him on his knees.

We are beginning to make plans about a trip to India in early September. There is also some thought about leadership training in another country. A new Parenting Class will begin in April.

This class will be expanded to include not only toddlers training but infants too! We need wisdom to see if it can be done. Paul is thankful for your prayers for greater grace in his recent preaching. One non-Christian even said, "I like your preaching. I usually just fall asleep. But your message kept me awake!"

Writing larger documents is difficult. Progress is not easy to see on web pages. A few pages a day are added to one book or another book, then the day is gone. Patience and trust (that everything will work out) is required. Praise God for insights when needed. He is glad to say that significant progress on the Cross Training discipleship materials has been made. Eight out of the twelve booklets have been completed.

You Never Know

All sorts of people come to the website. We are trying to keep it fine-tuned to pick up high ratings. Keep praying that God would convert and sanctify the readers. Paul ran into this interesting specialized search engine:

Anger Addiction

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Praise God for blessing two preaching opportunities in March. Several said that it helped them.

Thank the Lord that most of the pastors for Next Step have been contacted. They are grateful for the leadership training material that we email them.

Two out of three mostly Mandarin (Chinese) Marriage Seminar sessions have proceeded well. We have lots of lively interaction.

The New Life classes were well-received and brought significant help to the attendees.

Thanks to the Lord that our family is now feeling well!

Paul is thankful that he could accomplish much writing, editing and formatting of the Cross Training discipleship materials.

Paul has so much to learn to produce the first video. Help!

Pray for wisdom as Paul makes plans for leadership training again in India and maybe in the far east.

Pray for speedy translation of the Next Steppers' training materials in Mandarin.

Pray for real change in the hearts of the parents that attend the parenting class starting in April.

Pastor Stephen (pastor in India) asks prayer for the money to purchase a used vehicle for evangelism.

Many people ensnared in anger and lusts come to the website each day. Pray for their deliverance.

Paul needs to make numerous business decisions. Pray for wisdom and a heart that seeks the Lord.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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