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Building a Great Marriage! book by Paul J. Bucknell

Building a Great Marriage is not for the next life but now! See how.

Waiting for ministry

Take the ten steps over the bridge of hope to the peace of God Each step leads further from anxiety and closer to God and the truths of His Word Instruction on how to overcome fears, worries and handle temptation for lasting peace

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Dying to Self: The Spiritual Discipline that Leads to Renewal

Dying to Self

The Spiritual Discipline that Leads to Renewal

Paul J. Bucknell

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  • Dying to Self: The Spiritual Discipline that Leads to Renewal (142 pages)
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Includes seven Joshua studies and questions!
  • pdf (6" by 9") great for viewing and printing
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  • Dying to Self gives you the insight and tools needed to develop a consistently rewarding time with God. In the first third of the book, we define and clarify the spiritual discipline of dying to self, while the second third of the book illustrates how to use the principles in your devotional times, using the book of Joshua as a guide. Finally, the book concludes with a few practical essays on how to better use this spiritual discipline of dying to self in your daily life.

    Spiritual disciplines are regular exercises that help us grow in our spiritual lives. Dying to self is rarely well understood, but it still plays a major part in guiding us to humble ourselves in God’s presence to discover untold measures of renewal and encouragement.

    Rev. Paul J. Bucknell regularly teaches and trains principles of disicpleship to Christian leaders and laymen around the world.

    Author's background

    Paul has been married 40+ wonderful years and has eight children and eight grandchildren!

    Paul’s wide range of written materials on Christian life, discipleship, godly living, call to ministry, marriage, parenting, anxiety and other topics provide special insights that are blended into his many books and training materials including this book.

    Bucknell family 2009His experience has been further broadened during his many international Christian leader training seminars. Paul has authored more than twenty-five books and is president of Biblical Foundations for Freedom. Learn more about Biblical Foundations for Freedom or Rev. Paul J. Bucknell.

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