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Not divided

"Pure Heart, not Divided"

Purity in heart is everything. Jesus has said,

"Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they shall see God."
(Matthew 5:8).

Everything in our lives rotate around the glory of God, whether we know it or not. This is much like our lives which rotate and live around the light and influence of the sun. We might not pay any attention to the sun, but it greatly influences our lives. However, we are not content to let the marvel and glory of God to pass us by without abiding in it. We want to make those steps forward to see God. This pathway is called purity.

Purity of heart is an examination of our lives at the heart level. Righteousness describes our activities; fear of God touches our attitudes and behaviors, but purity speaks about the way we utilize our heart. In a sense, it is the most strategic of all examinations. For the loyalties of the heart betray the weaknesses of ones life. The evil one knows those weaknesses. He sees our hesitations. He doesn't tempt us right away. Often he lets us become leaders and have greater influence on others and then tempts us.

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I once had an old caviler wagon. At one point the engine block had a crack in it. I had to have it replaced. This was still cheaper than a new used car. But would you know it, after several years, the new part developed the same crack. What could I do? No one else made replacement parts. I had to buy another new block with a flaw in it! This would be like getting a heart transplant with a heart that had a problem.

Many people do not understand that with God's grace we can become pure in heart. He operates at that heart level and can help us eliminate those fissures that produce character flaws in our lives. How unfortunate so many of us have not pursued a pure heart.

We hope through this series to work with you on how to gain a pure heart and find the freedom and joy from seeing God. Our modern age specializes in distraction - call it entertainment. All of the world has to offer is pale in light of God's wondrous glory.


The pure of heart have a devoted and singularity of heart which enables them to disregard distractions which call them away from their main mission to supremely love God.

We will now go on a journey not only explaining what a pure heart is and the reward of having one, but the necessity of having a pure heart and the steps to gaining one. We hope this series becomes part of that path for you. Please share our materials with others!

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Intro and Table of Contents
Seeking a pure heart
The LORD looks at the heart
Reward of a pure heart
Climb to the different mountain tops to see God's glory!
Need of a pure heart
Why does God hold back His glory from man?
An Unbeliever's Heart
What's so wrong with our heart anyway?
Need of a new heart
Finding a new heart
A Believer's Heart
What happens to our heart when we become a Christian?
Our Stained Purity
If we have a new heart, then why all the problems?!
A Fragmented Heart
How can we detect our heart's desires?
Spiritual Heart Checkup
A small quiz.
A Hardened Heart
What is one of the greatest causes of being burned-out?
Finishing Well
Our Solution
Sharing on seeking purity

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