Paul J. Bucknell
“Before prayer can make a difference in the cell, the cell leadership must “know that they know” that unless God breathes His life into our methodologies, they are just wood, hay and stubble.”  (HCGE by Comiskey, p. 44)

“If you have to make a choice between praying and doing, choose to pray. You will accomplish more, and then achieve more by your doing, 
because you did!”  
(Neighbour Jr.)
The Properly Functioning Cell Group
What is it that makes our meeting together special from other groups?  Clearly, it is the presence of the Lord.  Matthew 18:20 says,
“For where two or three have gathered together
in My name,
there I am in their midst.”
We, God’s people, must live in our Lord’s awesome presence. As His humble people we are ready to hear and do His Word. We love God not the world.  We confess our sins. We adore His great name. We are sensitive to the Spirit’s leading and purpose rather than our own program.
         •  Excited about worship
Disciples which are greatly excited about the presence of God in their worship and ministry times.
    •  Pursuer of godliness
Disciples which understand holiness is not conformity  to other people’s standards, but possess an ever–growing inward desire to know  and do God’s will.
    •  Devoted to prayer
Disciples which actually pray regularly and consistently. Prayer above all its other functions is essentially our communication with God and willingness to live our lives in His presence.

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Paul J. Bucknell