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God's Ingenious Design: An Apologetic Look at Seeds

God's Ingenious Design

An Apologetic Look at Seeds From Genesis 1:11

Paul J. Bucknell

There is evidence of God all around us. Design, the strategic and efficient order comprising living objects about us, is God's imprint in the world about us. Evolution boasts in chance, but God's hallmark is design and the designed demands a Designer!

“Then God said, ‘Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit after their kind, with seed in them, on the earth’; and it was so” (Genesis 1:11).

Great Discoveries

God’s wisdom is manifested everywhere around us, but the more we are made aware of God’s marvelous mysteries, the more people resisting God’s claim on their lives attempt to reject God’s ownership of them and everything we use. His copyright is imprinted in creation through what we call design (Rom 1:18). God designed and created all things so they belong to Him and owe their sustenance and purpose to Him.

In this article we specifically unravel the distinguished seed, seeds of all sorts whether vegetable, grain or fruit seeds. For thousands of years mankind could only appreciate how these plants, whether big or small, brought delight to their lives and sustained life itself.

But modern man has had the unusual gift of unwrapping the seed and see how this replicating machine works. The seed, being so common, is typically taken for granted. God, however, wanted people everywhere to be aware that He designed and formed that whole replicative system called a seed that is intricately involved with our welfare.

He desired people everywhere to understand His genius and love and so clearly told us in the scriptures (Gen 1:11) that it was He who formed seeds. God passes the clue to us despite what people might otherwise claim. Since the Lord has so carefully cared for our material needs, He would also care for our spiritual needs. As we read further on in the scriptures, we discover that He also gives us spiritual life (John 3:5-7) and has us called us to join Him in the production of new life by sharing the seed of life, the gospel, with others (1 Pe 1:23-25).

As we look into the seed’s structure, however, we must go deep into the vast number of cells that comprise a seed to see how each works together in a complete system. Once fully formed, the seed awaits its turn to be planted and start a new plant or to be eaten to strengthen the lives of other creatures.

Design copyright by the Creator

The resistance to God’s creatorship is being further challenged by increasing evidence of design springing up all around us as further studies on the design of things God has made. Everything around us is designed–God’s copyright signature. Because of this, there are increasing efforts taken to block minds from understanding the only explanation that makes sense–God made all things including seeds.

Their attack to keep creation out of schools is mindless as microevolution cannot be proven, though they assert it as a given. The evidence for design, however, is clearly demonstrated in the simple investigation of seeds. Think with me for a moment.

Irrefutable Evidence of Design in the Seed

The seed could not develop on its own but had to be a completely functioning system from the beginning to properly function and reproduce–just as God says: “Bearing fruit after their kind, with seed in them” (Gen 1:11). If it was not a fully functioning mechanism at the start, then it could not replicate and would soon die along with any accompanying improvements. Change does occur but within a completed system.

The seed is perfectly matched for meeting the needs of people and other creatures–just what God made it for. The plants all work together in a marvelous manner displaying how their design helps people to live a happy life. Harvest season has always been associated with happiness. God is good.

The BFF Old Testament digital LibraryThe seed like a complicated software program testifies to God’s wisdom and power–just as God stated it. The order, structure, and design at microscopic levels all speak of pure genius. Our best scientists today carefully study what God has made to boost their knowledge in order to better their designs of other things. Whether it is in packaging (how things fold up), material research (what makes good materials for varying purposes) or genetic manipulation (modifying the given structure in minute ways) all admit to the genius of God and His designs.

Think about it. Can something so orderly come from disorder? Can the complicated derive from the simple? Can a new car come about by accident? Can this article form on its own? Do we get a great app by throwing some random computer code lines together? No. There are always designers and producers using their precious hours to think about purpose and means. The smallest problem of a design often become a serious flaw. We all know by intuition that the greatest accomplishments of mankind are from design. Although nature in its rough form is awesome, nature lovers still incorporate design even into simple rock gardens. Designers’ greatest efforts still do not come near to replicating the system incorporated in a seed.

Once we step into the careful examination of the marvels of the seed, we are leaping into a huge multifaceted, overwhelmingly, complicated product. If we could look closer, we would see the initials, “MBG”–Made By God.

The design of simple natural objects requires outside intelligence and planning.People have been using seeds for as many years as they have lived. I remember flying over the Sahara Desert once and seeing the treacherous land without the great production of seeds and plants. Without God’s creation and maintenance of the world, we would soon perish. Those who deny God because there is no evidence need to start asking some basic questions for which we have answers!

• Can anything come out of nothing?

• Can order come from disorder without outside guidance, energy or purpose?

• Can a seed, so complicated as it is, be gradually developed, part by part, over time?

Of course, not. Elementary students know there is a God (unless some teacher gums up their minds with other thoughts). Perhaps the evolutionist would be more consistent to locate his lab in a garbage dump investigating random messes since they boast of order from disorder and purpose from lack of purpose.

The Greatest Observation

God’s design print is everywhere. Is this not where knowledge begins? The Bible asserts this Designer God made you and me as well as the seeds to help care for our needs. Instead of attacking creationists, people everywhere ought to repent of their foolish and incomprehensible attempts to first deny Gods authorship and then steal his God’s glory by boasting in his or her inventions. May the world stop committing intellectual fraud! Ensure God gets His acclaim to His design of the seed.

A seed cannot develop slowly for it is a complete, replicating system tightly protected in its special garb to timely accomplish its purposes.

Would it not be better to show our appreciation to our Creator for not only developing seeds that help maintain our lives. The Lord even shares the design of His marvelous design plans in recent years by enabling us to study the rich cell system shaping each tiny seed.

Science means ‘knowledge’, and knowledge will only advance if we admit what we all know: seeds in their full structure did not evolve but were designed and that this Designer’s ways are far greater than what we can create. We always start with what God has made and go from there. We are totally dependent upon Him and His care for giving us seeds.

“Then God said… and it was so” (Gen 1:11).

(Ends here.)

=> Jesus' first extravagant claim

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