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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God


2 Timothy 2:2

Worthy of the Gospel of Christ
Philippians 1:27

Living a Powerful Consistent Life!

Paul J. Bucknell

The Bible Teaching Commentary

Consistency (Philippians 1:27-30) | High Standards (Philippians 1:27b) | Challenge of Relationships (1 Philippians 1:27c) | Opposition (Philippians 1:28) | Challenge of Suffering (Philippians 1:29-30)
Video (Philippians 1:27-30) | Bible Study Questions (Philippians 1:27-30)
Book of Philippians Introduction


Worthy of the Gospel of Christ is an expository sermon on Philippians 1:27 which highlights the gospel standard of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not only for Paul and a select few but for all of God’s people. Various doubts and misconceptions are also mentioned that keep us from reaching that standard of the gospel.

Here is a challenge - “A manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ”

“Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ” (Philippians 1:27a).

Now, here is a challenge. Make it your goal not only to be consistent in living out Christ in your life (same as faith in the Gospel) but to live as a good example to those around you.

Every new parent quickly understands the implications of having children. Children imitate their parents not only when they make cute faces and funny sounds but also their fits of stubbornness, anger and lack of self-control.

Paul has full confidence that each believer can live their lives ‘in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ.’ It is not just for him but for all of us. There is a standard here for all of us.

Personal reflections

  • Do you agree or make yourself an exception? Why would you make yourself an exception?

So what is the Gospel of Christ?

The Gospel of Christ is the historical message of what happened when Jesus died on the cross and its continued ramifications upon each person's life. Christ's death becomes the portal through which we not only enter God's presence but life itself.

Since Jesus Christ is resurrected and alive, the gospel truths (literally 'good news') not only influence what we believe and our final destiny but radically shape our lives now here on earth.

We were taken from the curse of sin and made a prince of all. We are to live 'worthy' of this awesome love, peace and joy in Christ.

Doubts and Misconceptions

People, including believers, have numerous misconceptions about the Gospel. Each misconception leads to doubt which in turn leads to inconsistency. The reason is simple. If we are not sure of the power of the Gospel in some circumstance, then it is very likely, we do not have faith to live out its full power.


Doubts ruin our opportunity.

Here are a number of misconceptions producing doubt and inconsistency.

  • Only works for you, not me

  • Only works in your situation, not mine

  • Only works when things are going well, not when things go bad

  • Only works in peaceful circumstances, not in persecution

People in the pews and out in the streets are always quietly asking, “Can the gospel really work for me?”

Those around you need a good example from you to help convince them. Yes, Paul is a good example for us as he was for the Philippians. But we only know that because we are reading the Book of Philippians. They most likely are not. They instead are reading our lives.

Difficult circumstances are used in our lives to show the real power of God’s love through our lives. Nobody wants these difficult situations to pop up in their lives but sometimes they are necessary. If not for ourselves, for others so that they can see that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.

Five Misconceptions Keeping Couples from Having Good Marriages.

Stepping up to Maturity

“So whether I come and see you or remain absence” (Phil 1:27b).

Immaturity is marked by inconsistency. We really can’t rely on immature believers because they are not faithful. They only participate when a friend will be working with them, when there is some perk, when people will applaud them.

This is not real life, however. As people grow up physically, they also do spiritually.

Paul instructs the Philippians to conduct themselves worthy of the Gospel of Christ all the time, not just when he was around. Most people understand this problem because they tolerate double standards in their own lives.

Double Standards

Why do we tolerate double standards in our own lives when we cannot stand them in others? Do you ever point out others inconsistencies? A child to a parent, “Did you know ....?” One believer to another, “Did you hear what .... did?”

He doesn’t want them to live out these things only when he is present, because he is some important and powerful man of God. He is, but this doesn’t help them in the long run. God’s people need to lift that standard within themselves and live in a manner worthy of the gospel at all times.

Personal reflections

  • Do we allow different standards within our own lives?

  • What could change in your own life to live out your life even when others aren’t watching?

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Two Big Challenges: #1 Interpersonal Relationships (Philippians 1:27b)

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