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Pray BFF Letter #320

March 7, 2019 (pdf | epub)

The Countdown Begins—11

Dear Prayer Partners,

 In eleven short days, I begin a series of flights to get to my three key destinations. I will give three extended seminars, two to African pastors/leaders and one to Chinese pastors in Africa. The last will be spoken in Chinese requiring much more focus and prayer! 2 Swahili handout books

As usual, many distractions come up  as I prepare to go. I have been on the phone with Western Union many times, printed the wrong Swahili resources, strikes being held at Kenya’s major airports, etc. I’ve learned to keep steady in prayer and watch how God resolves them one by one, but we certainly welcome your additional prayers.

On the good side, many resources have been prepared in the last weeks. The two Swahili handouts are translated and largely printed. Someone is working on the remaining Chinese resources. Thank the Lord for the completion of these major projects. Do pray that the coordinators will send me daily schedules so I can map out my many talks. I  plan to teach ten messages for each seminar, up to 4 sessions a day. This gets more difficult as the number of my gray hairs increase. Besides these, there are counseling sessions and Sunday preachings.

Here is my itinerary: 

March 21-23—Kahama: The Life Core: Discovering the Heart of Great Training

March 25-27—Tabora: Being an Overcomer: Faith’s Triumph Over Temptation

March 29-31—Dar es Saleem: Building a Great Marriage: Faith, Forgiveness, Friendship

2 Swahili handout books




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