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Pray BFF Letter #319

February 7, 2019 (pdf | epub)

Spotlight On Tanzania

Dear Prayer Partners,

This morning, I received one set of translated Swahili handouts, reminding me that the Short Term Ministry (STM) trip to Tanzania is just five weeks away. One more translation is coming. Each handout requires formatting and proper printing.

TanzaniaNot a few ask how I make contact with people on the other side of the world. Planning for this STM really took a wide detour. I was originally planning to go to Kenya, had arrangements almost complete, but at the last moment lost contact with my key coordinator. I wasn’t sure what happened to him. Just recently I discovered that he had stopped receiving my emails, but by this time, I had settled my bookings and seminars for Tanzania.

Another pastor, with whom I had former connection, out of the blue contacted me again, via the web, and wants help grounding the pastors in God’s Word there in Tanzania. This will be my first trip to Tanzania. I will hold three seminars, two for African pastors and one for Chinese pastors and their wives—all are in different places.

The situation for the three seminars is similar. All the pastors are very eager to learn God’s Word and need a lot of training in different areas of life and skills. I feel more like a Joshua who holds up the arms of Moses, acting as a key support ministry so that these pastors, serving on the frontier of God’s kingdom, can effectively fulfill their calling. I will write more later but do pray! I will, by God’s grace, be gone the last several weeks of March.



• Tickets are booked for late March 2019 for the Tanzania trip!
• Tanzania just opened a visa station at the airport!
• The first set of handouts has been translated into Swahili.
• Our family’s health is better and enjoying a chance to refresh ourselves in Florida (even at my Dad’s old place!).
• Someone donated a car to BFF with some fancy gadgets that I had been praying for (as I sense I am not being as aware of those around me - getting older?).


• Pray that God would bring the right pastors for each of the three back-to-back seminars.
• Wisdom as I make decisions regarding my involvement in a retreat center.
• I have lots of editing and financial paper work to do before leaving.
• Thankfully, we have about half of the finances for this Tanzania STM, but do pray that the remaining monies needed will come in.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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