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Pray BFF Letter #312

Aug 8, 2018

Plans for Asia!

Dear Prayer Partners,

Plans for Asia have quickly come together! On September 5th I will take a brief trip to Singapore first and then fly to the southern Philippines for two seminars.

This doesn't give me much time to prepare, especially when I am in the middle of designing a website. But God's work must go on! I am familiar with each of these places and coordinators, though the attendees may be totally different.

Some might wonder why I have been developing Christian training resources for more than the last fifteen years. My motive is to build up the church of God so that the Great Commission is completed and Christ returns. Watch the brief video, "The Bride of Christ."

Bride of Christ

  • Took an online course with Isaac to learn how to use one method to design a new website.
  • Getting some rest in New England.
  • Finished writing a new book; now to edit.
  • Short Term Mission trip coming up. Plane tickets bought. 

Please pray for:

  • I leave Sept 5th for Singapore and Southern Philippines. Prayer for safety, grace, and good health is much needed.
  • Pray for focus to prepare the many messages needed for the Philippines.
  • This fall's STM and BFF funding.
  • Our church study class on Isaiah begins late August. I teach the first two classes.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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