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Pray BFF Letter #311

July 21, 2018

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“To All the Nations!”

Dear Prayer Partners,Order of highest national readership June 2018

Translating BFF resources into different languages has always been an essential part of our ministry since we work with many internationals in both teaching and supplying resources. Fortunately, BFF has had a “translator” on most of the web pages. Instantly, the page will be translated—albeit not the best translation, but a doable one. We are conscious that a good number of our readers are from abroad, and so, we try to accommodate them.

Book translation takes time, money, and effort. I recently met up with a person who might translate articles into  French and connect me with another who has, like me, things to translate. While it is true there are not many Christians who would read our resources in France, there are many in West Africa,  those who have migrated to Europe and the USA.

People are on the move. Many no longer stay in their own countries. For instance, many Nepalese work in Malaysia. Chinese and Indians work in Africa! (Note the recent chart on the right that lists the highest proportion of readers reading BFF resources that have origins in foreign countries .)

My prayer for expansion to include more languages is not only to have some resources in the main languages like French, but other languages too—like Russian, Portuguese, and others of significant size. Pray for us and for opportunities to further extend our resources. I believe the best training for a people group should be in their language.  In any case, Jesus’ challenge daily proclaims itself to us.

“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come” (Mat 24:14).The big challenges now: the transition of website and planning for STM (see below).

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  •  I am very excited about the article on peacemaking that the Lord has recently taught me.
  • One developer stated his willingness to work with me to reshape the BFF website. This process is expensive and time-consuming. 
  • Our youngest daughter is delighted that she can start driving practice.  Daniel and Isaac will start a new semester in August. Kathryn just got a job as a floral designer! Josie, our youngest grandchild, will be turning one this month!
  • Praise for a wonderful 40th-anniversary celebration. We went to the state where we celebrated our honeymoon and had some gorgeous days reminding us of our honeymoon many years ago.

Please pray for:

  • Pray for me as I make another attempt to update the BFF website. My first step requires me to collect and organize all the content of the website. Learning new technical website building techniques soon follows.
  • Keep praying for the 10-year old boy, Osagie who was burned. He has been getting blood infusions and now has to take antibiotics for the infection. Thanks to the people who donated to this boy’s medical expenses.
  • Plans for this fall’s Short Term Mission trip (STM) are finally beginning to be worked out (mid-September). 
  • Keep praying for increased giving.
  • Pray for discipline to complete writing two books this summer.

Thanks so much for your prayers! 

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