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Pray BFF Letter #310

June 2, 2018

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Summer Plans

Dear Prayer Partners,

 Engaged in editing projects keep me busy, but I am encouraged to see projects completed. The concentration I need to edit larsge books overwhelms me—making multiple decisions each moment as I progress from one line to the next—not fun but needed. Praise God that Inductive Bible Studies in the Book of Titus is ready to publish.

Just today, I finished editing and uploaded the Nepali audios/videos for Building a Great Marriage. Inductive Bible Studies in the Book of TitusThe Christians there, including the leaders as well as a Burmese (Myanmar) pastor that recently visited, repeatedly told me, “We have never heard such teaching (about marriage).”I hear this in each country I visit, making this work essential. The web introduces new worlds to the believers, making them wonder about their marriage. What we take for granted is gold to others. In any case, it is nice to complete this job. If you have Nepalese friends, have them write to me for free access. 

This Sunday my sermon is on the first commandment (Exodus 20:3) which overwhelms me. I have only forty minutes to preach, but I am sure I could speak for three straight hours. I’ll try to post the message on my BFF Facebook account. I am trying to make available many of the new BFF resources there for a short time for people’s convenience. Facebook and Twitter have significantly restricted my accounts for about six months, but if you join/like the BFF Facebook page, I think you will see it.

Myanmar orphanage

Next week Linda and I will go off for our 40th-anniversary trip. Raising eight children sure makes the time go fast. Our youngest, Rebekah, just got her driver’s permit. Several other out-of-state trips are coming up also this summer.

  • Completion of the Nepalese marriage audio/video series. 
  • We thank the Lord for each of our eight children and now five grandchildren. This is birthday season, so it gets a bit busy celebrating, almost like it never stops!
  • We hosted a pastor and his wife for a short stay—all the way from Myanmar (see above picture).
  • Grateful to get Inductive Bible Studies in the Book of Titus ready for publishing.
  • We wound up an exciting Sunday Training series on the church.

Please pray for:

  • Seeking a wonderful time away with my wife, Linda, to celebrate our 40th anniversary.
  • Need perseverance and a good eye to get other books ready for publishing. 
  • Preoccupied with editing but still contributing to several important book projects.
  • The Spirit’s leading for increased counseling.
  • Wisdom to know what steps to take to distribute further the many resources the Lord has given us. I could honestly increase our staff here. (Raise your support and join us!)

Thanks so much for your prayers! 

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PaulRev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor
Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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  • Thank the Lord for a great trip in Nepal.
  • Thank the Lord for good health, watching over the home, and keeping the church teaching team going while away.
  • We are very appreciative of a number of donations in March.
  • Linda and I planted the lettuce, spinach, and chard in our garden and tidied up the yard. It was a great way to fight off afternoon jet lag by working in the bright light.

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  • Pray forPastor Jacob who is teaching on marriage with BFF resources in Cameroon this weekend.
  • Intercede for Pastor Lito who, along with his wife and older daughter, were hurt in a car accident totaling their car.
  • Pastor Jagannath’s charges have not yet been pressed but suspects it might be after the elections.
  • Paul is preaching Sunday (29th) and teaching the next two weekends.
  • Paul hopes to get 2 books ready for printing by the end of May.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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