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Pray BFF Letter #309

April 25, 2018

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Back From Nepal

Dear Prayer Partners,

Life in our modern world continually amazes me. I am thankful for a safe return from Nepal. I was able to witness God’s great work there in my brief window of time. Nepal became a secular state in 2008, and the church tripled in a ten year period (to 375,000 in 2011). Training leaders stands as one of the greatest needs. Each trip reminds me of God’s wisdom in calling and helping me to provide resources for some of that much needed training.

BFF international web readership is up. To further enable those in various countries to make use of our resources, I am dialoguing with several individuals wanting to translation one or more BFF resources into Spanish, Russian, Tibetan, and hopefully Nepalese.

Shortly after my return, I was back to teaching Sunday Training at our church. The next three weeks will continue to be busy even though jet lag gets at me (back in the USA I go to sleep much earlier). Pray for this Sunday as I preach on Nehemiah and share on a parenting panel to answer questions with Linda and others.


  • Thank the Lord for a great trip in Nepal.
  • Thank the Lord for good health, watching over the home, and keeping the church teaching team going while away.
  • We are very appreciative of a number of donations in March.
  • Linda and I planted the lettuce, spinach, and chard in our garden and tidied up the yard. It was a great way to fight off afternoon jet lag by working in the bright light.

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  • Pray forPastor Jacob who is teaching on marriage with BFF resources in Cameroon this weekend.
  • Intercede for Pastor Lito who, along with his wife and older daughter, were hurt in a car accident totaling their car.
  • Pastor Jagannath’s charges have not yet been pressed but suspects it might be after the elections.
  • Paul is preaching Sunday (29th) and teaching the next two weekends.
  • Paul hopes to get 2 books ready for printing by the end of May.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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