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Pray BFF Letter #308

April 17, 2018

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Nepal Happenings

Dear Prayer Partners,

April 6, 2018

Praise the Lord! The finalized flight plan came yesterday. I had to rearrange quite a few flights and hotels. There are so many details when speaking overseas. I still need to go through India to pick up my flight home (or it would have cost another $900), but it really isn't that far out of the way. 

Nepal Fun

I was able to extend my time in Nepal, speak a bit more at other events, and made some appointments with people that have received BFF resources in the past. One man wants to talk about getting some materials translated into Tibetan.

I originally thought there would be no hurry to get the furnace fixed, but I am glad we could get it fixed quite quickly. We have needed that heat.The other day I was pruning the apple trees (it will be too late when I return), and it snowed briefly four times. In between the sun came out!

April 11, 2018

The first day of the marriage seminar is over. Rain delayed the start, but as the rains stopped, more people from the hill country could come. I felt exhausted teaching the first four sessions—the heat, the spiritual battle, the demanding topics, and being halfway around the world speaking while normally sleeping. But praise God, we already see the faces of the spouses being changed by becoming brighter. Several people said that God was speaking directly to them. As a cross-cultural teacher, I am so glad the Holy Spirit can work like that. That has been on the front of my mind during this time: I am joining God on this teaching venture.

Today’s messages contain some of the spiritually most intensive ones as I pursue the topic of forgiveness. So do pray as this three-day seminar continues on. Fortunately, and I thank you for your prayers, I wonderfully slept through last night. Usually, after the first night, I only get 2-3 hours sleep. Also, my health is fine. After the seminar, I will have a few more speaking engagements here in Nepal near the birth of Buddha.

After this, I will go back to Kathmandu, high in the mountains for several days before catching my flight back. I will have some meetings with those who have used our resources in the past. One wants me to explore working with him on getting some resources in Tibetan. It will be great getting some of our books to them as well as see how their ministries are going. Pray for God to use those last days well.

I had a lovely and engaging conversation with a taxi driver to the airport. Pray for Nabi (similar to Navi for prophet in Hebrew). He is a natural philosopher who has thought through life quite well, coming to some conclusions very similar to Christ’s own perspective on the kind treatment of people. In the end, I heard him say He couldn’t believe in a God because there is so much pain and suffering. He was really excited to receive my book on, “The Lord Your Healer” which addresses sickness and suffering that the Healer allows to happen. Pray for his salvation. I sense God prepared this ride.

Sounds and People
April 17, 2018

What a surprise to hear loud wild animal noises at different times through the night, and sometimes during the day. It’s not because I was out in the jungle or walking the high Himalayan paths though but because the guesthouse where I stayed was situated behind the back wall of the zoo. I think it is so funny hearing tigers, birds, Siamangs, and many unidentifiable animal sounds—even though I heard them in the middle of the night.

The marriage seminar was very well received. After that, I had a fun time teaching a class at a training center. Back up in Kathmandu, in and surrounded by mountains, is refreshingly much cooler. I had such a wonderful time meeting up with two ministers—each involved in a different ministry. People often ask how I meet such people. All of them have, at some time in the past, received our resources. (Do you remember the old days when I sent out CDs or DVDs?) So they know me more than I know them.

The commitment of God’s people is so precious. One is targeting the Tibetan refugees scattered throughout this country. Although those in the city are very accessible, for others he has to travel 2 days on the bus and then walk 2 days in the Himalayas to reach them. Amazing.
Another is actively reaching out to the remaining unreached people groups throughout Nepal. He has 3 years to set up trainers as well as tackling the horrible kid trafficking.

One village has many huts that now have a tin roof, but the families had to give their daughter away so they could obtain them! They both want my help in their work, the first, to help get some of my books translated for training purposes but the other to train. It is hard to come here each month as I was asked. 40-hour trips each way combined with costs make this hard to accept. I said I will pray.

Opportunities abound. I am grateful that our training resources are so helpful to them in their pursuit to train up leaders and start churches. Right now our resources are literally going to the tops of the Himalayans. I need to pray for younger workers to help this ministry who can trust God with their own living costs!

A few side points. First, Jagannath and his family returned back home and so far the government, upon closer inspection, is not pressing charges. However, things are not so good for one of his coworkers. Also, I am looking forward to celebrating our 40th anniversary in May with my lovely wife who so kindly supports me during these long trips. It is hard to believe the time has gone so fast, but I guess, raising 8 children does that!

I leave tomorrow to return home, though going the long way through Delhi, India before going back through China. I’ll be teaching on Sunday back at our home church.

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