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Pray BFF Letter #307

March 27, 2018

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Sudden Change

Dear Prayer Partners,

We praise God for your faithfulness in praying and supporting this ministry. It is incredible to be on the receiving end of your kind and gracious support. God has wonderfully provided for us during this time. I had planned to write other things in this prayer letter, but a Skype conversation with the Indian pastor coordinating my visit has urged me to write about other matters.

This pastor explained that the local administration there in India changed. The police came to interrogate him after some locals beat him and physically harassed his wife so they have, for now, fled their home. There are now many false allegations filed against them. In that very anti-Christian climate, I doubt they have much chance of an honest court looking for the true facts. No bail is set so they could be in jail a long time. Pray for them: Their future, the work of the ministry, for wisdom, and resources for their future steps. 

Now the question: what should I do for the second week in Asia? Should I try to schedule another seminar? Where? We are thankful that ample support for  STM has come in, so finances aren’t a  problem. 

A huge circle of praises surrounds these many changes. The multi-paged tax forms are finally finished, both business and personal. The 990 required many extra hours of work (I couldn’t balance). The next day I tried and after praying, I saw the outstanding amount right there in front of me on another screen! Amazing how God helped me with my taxes. Some classes requiring lots of preparation were well received. The furnace was replaced.


  • Praise the Lord that all the needed STM funds have come in! We are so happy to tell you this!!
  • Thanks to the Lord for our new furnace and completed taxes before I go overseas.
  • We are thankful to be part of an eager congregation wanting to grow.

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  •  Please pray for Pastor Jagannath, his wife and young daughter during this time of persecution: wisdom, guidance, and resources. Right now, he’s thinking a year out of India would be good.
  • Wisdom as I pray and prepare for the marriage sessions in Nepal (leave early April).
  • Guidance to whether I should do anything for the second leg of the trip.
  • Kathryn is looking for a job (but not on Sundays and Sat a.m. so she can serve).
  • This Saturday I will offer a special Easter message to a gathering of Indians at our church.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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