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Pray BFF Letter #306

March 14, 2018

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Dear Prayer Partners,

Last night Linda and I were talking about the day and its troubles like the furnace dying and my laptop camera going fuzzy, making it useless to record videos for ministry. We reminisced about the bad things that often happen near to STM overseas. Linda commented, “Well at least nothing broke before the trip last fall.”

I thought a moment and replied, “What? Nothing broken? My foot was broken!” We had a good laugh together. These times teach us that enduring a little trouble is part of the cost of extending the frontier of God’s worldwide kingdom. Interestingly, this is exactly what I am preaching on this Sunday from Nehemiah 6:1-15.

I rarely go overseas to evangelize. I figure that the people I minister to can do that much better in their own language. God has gifted and called me to strengthen the church leaders’ lives, marriages, and ministries.

For the upcoming STM, both groups asked me to speak on building up the marriages of the pastors, evangelists, and church planters. These marriage sessions are always very challenging as it is entering a spiritual battlefield, but I know the difference between the joy and love from a great marriage and the loneliness, pride, sadness, and bitter spirits that occurs with unhealthy marriages. God’s inheritance for His people is to have great marriages!

So please do pray for me. The Lord has lately given Linda and me several opportunities of marriage counseling to sharpen my mind and focus my prayers. One coordinator identified what these couples are seeing on the web are penetrating cultural barriers and enabling these couples to see other options (not always good).


  • Praise the Lord over 90% of the STM funds have come in! (Remember we were down to nothing in that account.)
  • Thanks to God for the Apple worker to track me down in the store and tell me he found that my computer was actually somehow covered for the laptop repair (even though beyond repair time). It is being repaired now.
  • God has given grace to teach two very involved lessons showing how God is working in the church through history (yes, I covered from Jesus’ death to the present time!).
  • Thankful for a wife and family who put up with troubles before and during my trip times.
  • Very thankful for the BFF website to have well over 400,000 page views (not hits) in February!

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  • Preaching Sunday (March 18th) and teaching again on the 25th.
  • Wisdom as I pray and prepare for the marriage sessions in Nepal and India (leave in early April).
  • The new BFF website design work is now shifted to May when I am back and my involvement in church slows down.
  • Guidance on replacing the furnace.
  • Working on my 990 (19-page detailed form of financial information for nonprofits) again is zapping my time.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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