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Pray BFF Letter #281

Sept 21, 2016
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“My grace is sufficient

for you…”(1 Cor 12:9)

Dear Prayer Partners,

And a busy schedule gets busier. Sometimes we think that we are just managing and then something else is thrown to us–making everything seem quite impossible! One of our coordinators in India mentioned that he would like me to help teach his class of 30 church planters via Skype. I trusted that this was from the LORD–as long as He would provide sufficient grace.

God has given extra grace to prepare and teach, not only one 90 minute class (Monday), but two classes, 2.5 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday. Pray for me at 7:30 each morning for the rest of this week. These kinds of opportunities are exactly what God has trained me for all these years. And as a plus, He is expanding BFF’s pool of Bengali resources, as I tape and record the teaching time.

Guidance from God comes in all forms and manners. 3xE Discipleship bookletsBeside the above opportunity, someone wanted me to make a few minor corrections to our 3xE Discipleship booklets. I always appreciate editing improvements passed on by readers. In this case, however, it was not so straight-forward.

This 7 session course was developed 26-27 years ago, and I used a program I could not edit. However, to make my time more efficient, I am no longer printing BFF resources, but publishing them in paperback. So I transposed all the work into book publishing formats, updated the graphics, tweaked the text and produced a new cover (with advice from others). This was squished into an already busy schedule. Now we await the proofs!

Meanwhile, the many preparations for my upcoming STM (leaving Oct 9th) need to be finished up so that the teams in E. Malaysia and Philippines can print the handouts. My handouts for the Philippines are not fully prepared, so those nine messages are in progress.

Do you wonder how I keep things straight, working on what I am speaking at our church, with messages that I will speak in East Asia in three weeks? Only by God’s abundant grace!


  • Our Building a Great Marriage, now translated into Burmese, is being distributed around Myanmar (Burma).

  • God has graciously been providing grace to handle the many tasks before me.

  • Praise the Lord that He protected Isaac and me as we removed our 2nd and 3rd floor awnings that need to be repainted.

  • Rebekah got her virtual class that we asked for!

  • I got 3 books published in paperback last week: 3xE Discipleship (Discipler and Disciple versions) as well as Satan’s Four Stations.

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  • My computer video camera stopped working at the beginning of Skype class today so that the class in India could not see me. I need to resolve this bug.
  • I am still waiting for my China visa and for the remaining funds for my STM training in E. Malaysia and Philippines in October. We are still at 25%!
  • One Mom called from out-of-state is greatly concerned over her son who faced a huge, traumatic setback at a Christian college.
  • I will be preaching for the next three Sundays and will begin teaching a membership class at church.
  • I am pushing to get handouts done for the Philippines so they can be ready for the class. Rough outlines are done, but they need to be carefully worked through and delivered.
  • As STM approaches, pray for protection and grace for family, person and ministry and those to whom I will be speaking.

As always, thanks so much for your prayers!


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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