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Pray BFF Letter #280

Sept 3, 2016
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In The Beginning

Dear Prayer Partners,

Being part of a church that has many college students makes each fall a ‘new beginning.’ Many NEW things are happening. Some of them I am not directly responsible for but need to keep on top of to provide a helping hand and reach out to the lost. For example, at our recent picnic, Pizza social and tonight’s International Game Night, I have already had many opportunities to share the Gospel.

Meanwhile, I am responsible for many other things including preaching and teaching. This Sunday our teaching team is starting a new series on the Gospel of Mark! Tomorrow I will teach the first lesson. In God’s providential timing, last week’s sermon just “happened” to center on the Gospel.

Our effective leadership team at church has allowed us to delegate various responsibilities, making it easier for me to continue developing BFF resources. I am really excited about the beginning of a new BFF series for the website:

BUILDING BLOCKS for a Transformed Life:
Theological Components to Christian GrowthBUILDING BLOCKS for a Transformed Life: 
Theological Components to Christian Growth

The Lord has put in my mind many brief messages, each very succinct, to address one special aspect of Christian faith and life. As they pile up, they will form–what I don’t know yet–an easily accessible video library to answer many questions of faith!

Almost everything is planned for the October Short term trip to East Asia. I still need: one ticket, one hotel, one visa and the final planning of 20 messages. Meanwhile, the Swahili translation came in, I have editing to do on two books; our marriage book went to the Burmese printer.


  • Thank the Lord I have been able stay afloat by your prayers and God’s grace–caring for the massive number of things to do. Thank You Lord!

  • The kitchen floor is replaced and the garage wall cracks are sealed!

  • God has been gracious during this transition period to keep up activities as normal.

  • Isaac and Rebekah both had good starts back to school this week, Rebekah at Cyber school for the first time.

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  • Pray for those I have been able to share the gospel with, either personally, or publicly through preaching

  • Our STM to East Asia fund is up to about 25%! Total needed: $4,500.00

  • Henry, one of our readers, is seeking to overcome bitterness and would appreciate prayer.

  • The second session of the Bengali discipleship training school has started. They frequently use BFF’s resources.

  • I seek extra grace for preaching and teaching (both on Sept 4th).

As always, thanks so much for your prayers!


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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