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Pray BFF Letter #282

Oct 6, 2016
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“Humble yourselves…that He may exalt you
at the proper time”(1 Peter 5:6)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Guess what I just preached on? Right! The verse above declares that the Lord can better use us when we are weak and ill-positioned. When needed, God will bring strength, help, wisdom, healing…whatever, in order to accomplish His good and perfect will. (See video here!)

Update on Burmese Marriage Book
“Unexpectedly 830 books have been sold, but 170 books are still selling in Chin State. Now I have a plan to publish the second time around 500 books. God really really blessed these books for our nations.” -from translator

This final week before departure has been one of endurance: a bad cold, has left me moving very slowly. With strength, I could get things done: paint the awnings, fix the light, and prepare many things for the trip. It is difficult to focus when I feel so terrible. But God gives grace. I am not to be anxious, as the verse teaches, but rather trust Him for the very best even at my worst. I love how He does that!

Thankfully, all the handouts are in, hotels and flights booked. The China visa is secured. However, besides teaching and preaching this Sunday (Oct 9) just before I leave, I have many things to prepare: taxes, luggage, books to bring, finances, etc., making sure everything is properly done. But with 13 ensuing flights, 2 of them 16 hours long (NYC to Canton (Guangzhou)), only the Lord can help provide for all the details.

My family and I, greatly appreciate your prayers. God uses them for His greater purpose of manifesting His great love and saving truth to all the world. And so this is what I pray as I visit China and hold seminars in E. Malaysia and Philippines.


  • Praise God for His divine wisdom and plans. He is even being able to work through low funds and physical weaknesses.

  • Thankfully, Building a Great Marriage has been well distributed in Myanmar (Burma). May God richly bless the marriages throughout this country.

  • God has continued to provide grace to see my two ministries working well together: BFF resources in development and the OIF congregation growing.

  • The 10+ hours of Bengali teaching resources are complete! The video camera worked properly! They are now available on the web in audio and video form for the Bengali people!

  • Thank the Lord for sparing our neighborhood from harm when a car chase with guns shooting went down our street.

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  • Pray that my trip is not affected by hurricane Matthew or other such things. My flight to China leaves very early Monday morning (1:45 am) from NYC.

  • Pray that the Burmese books can earn enough to perpetuate further printing and selling.

  • We appreciate the gifts coming in for our trip. Only $1400 to go.

  • Pray for protection and grace for family and ministries before, during, and after my return.

  • May God powerfully use the 20 messages from His Word to bless and to build up His people.

  • Elias, our son-in-law and Allison are both looking for jobs in their fields.

As always, thanks so much for your prayers!


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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