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Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - BFF #216
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Awesome in His Deeds

“Come and see the works of God,
Who is awesome in His deeds toward the sons of men.”
(Psalm 66:5).

Dear Prayer Partners,

The Philippine trip was filled with wonder and intrigue. All three seminars went as planned and were greatly blessed. Once again, God provided beyond our needs and expectations. Allow me to capture a few scenes, quotes and pictures from the most significant events.

Seminar #1 The Storm Held So God’s Light Could Shine

villageThis three-day seminar in Cabadbaran was protected from a huge storm. Only one short 6 minute cloud burst during one meeting made it almost impossible to hear each other.

The seminar was held in the village church (see pictures). Electricity for microphones and video recordings was provided by a cord run from the neighbor’s. Pastor B. has fully recovered from his rib injury (I kept trying to prevent him from carrying my heavy luggage-loaded with books). His excellence in translating the handouts and talks was greatly appreciated. He writes,

“I thank the Lord for all the safety of your mission trip here in our country and doing a very awesome lecture and imparting a very important subject about Discipleship ...  All the Pastors were blest and have POSITIVE comments. They are encouraged to continue in their ministry with hope that God will give success through doing discipleship and apply of what they learn to our 3 days seminars....”

I am now forming video/audios from these twelve bilingual messages.

Seminar #2 Finding Love on Hope Mountain

God’s wonderful ways are seen in the way He transforms lives.

These pastors and their wives were from various denominational backgrounds and were such a pleasure to work with. They asked some difficult marriage questions. Our two-day retreat, in the large city of Davao, was high up on Hope Mountain which had a wonderful 270 degree view over the valleys and mountains. One pastor wrote,

“Yea, it was so great blessings for the couples attending the seminar. I now share the lessons on Marriage, and it's so good and blessed material. We were praying for your coming again here in the Philippines. May the Lord bless you!”

Seminar #3 Happy in the City of Smiles

The Lord did a special work at the third seminar. This seminar was a departure from our regular, smaller seminars for pastors and Christian leaders. This one focused on training 200 small group leaders at a Baptist church.

I also spoke at all three of their Sunday worship services. The pastor said I was a Filipino because I had such a large family! The training was really appreciated. They will explore the possibility of using BFF’s new 105 video training lessons on Reaching Beyond Mediocrity for their many small groups.

Special surprises

All through the trip, I was able to distribute many BFF materials. To some people, BFF resources are like treasures because they have little or no Christian training material. Others have been helped by the focus on the writing. Yet to others, like in the story below, it becomes a way to extend their own ministries.

One day when changing planes at a Philippine airport, I was in a coffee shop having tea (trying to access the internet). The tea cup’s cover came off and a bit spilled on me. I decided to go wash off. As I left, I noticed a man reading a bilingual Bible.

As I started talking to him, he said this was no accident. He was part of a group of businessmen spreading the gospel. They eagerly share the gospel with business people but have neglected discipleship. They were searching for discipleship materials when I ‘happened’ to run into this businessman at the coffee shop. I was invited to join their Monday night meeting in Manilla and introduced BFF’s burden and ministry with focus on discipleship. I had a few sets of training material to give them.


  • Praise the Lord for a great trip to the Philippines and many faithful prayer partners like you!

  • I was able to distribute many various kinds of BFF training material: online, Library, handouts and books.

  • God marvelously worked in many hearts at each seminar. One pastor wrote telling me how discouraged he was in the ministry, but how the training helped him.

  • Thanks to the Lord for providing help for family at home and extra blessing through various meetings.


  • I’m still recovering from jet lag and trying to process all the video/audios from the trip (30 of them).

  • Pray that God would follow them up and that the truths would stay vivd in their hearts and minds.

  • I hope to return to the Philippines at least once more. Pray for guidance.

  • Preaching and teaching on Sunday, October 14th.

  • Keep praying for Allison’s school fees.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers!


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom


Mobile: (412) 398-4559
3276 Bainton St., Pittsburgh, PA 15212 USA

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