Pray BFF Letter #186

March 3, 2011
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Time Encounters

Dear Prayer Partners,

Time is short and precious. Life for me is dictated by segments of time to work on different projects. It is only 21 days before I head off to Africa. That slices my time up into segments. What can be done in these short three weeks before I go? Or what was done in the two prior months, January and February? Or what has happened in the last decade of BFF's ministry?

Need 84%21 days before takeoff to Africa

Final travel and housing arrangements are being made. Double checking visa requirements. A sudden increase of emails with key contact people there in Uganda and Ethiopia so that everything is properly prepared. I need to speak about 35 different messages! Yikes. And of course, seeking more prayer!

As usual, we are very dependent upon the Lord at this point. We are grateful for 16 percent of the funds that have come in, but we still need $7,500 more!

Do keep praying with us so that the trip might go smoothly in all respects, even with the fast-changing political landscape around North Africa. If you desire to be involved financially in what God is doing, make your check out to BFF and put STM in the memo or make an online donation.

4-5 weeks of African ministry

Most people think that the mission trip lasts only as long as I am over there in Africa and maybe a bit longer due to jet lag. Not for me. As soon as I return, I begin producing a series of bilingual training videos. This becomes very tedious both with the repetition and number of videos pro- duced. Constant editing, often 12 hours a day.

Looking for Volunteers

The speed is somewhat regulated because each message whether translated into Luganda or Ethiopian will be about 75-90 minutes long. A good chunk of time is used.

Two months of January & February

Time past is more mysterious than time planned. Where did January and February go? I cannot believe 2011 is already 16.7% over. I was involved in not only caring for my aging parents, some Florida vacation, but also focused on special projects. I almost finished re-editing Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God into book and e-pub format. Many people from all over the world are being helped. One office thief from New Zealand, caught in the act but repentant, recently wrote about how the article on the peace of God is greatly helping her.

More exciting, however, is a new book project. Whenever God leads me to start a new book or series, I get so excited. Ideas flurry about my mind and stir my heart. However, I can never catch up with my mind. I need to slow down and write it all down. And then I need to slack off even more to edit what was written. And then further reduce my speed by putting it into proper format for reading on the web, e-pub (still learning) or in pdf. Gaining Perspective on God's Purpose for Your Life: A reflective study on the life of Joseph is designed to be a daily study guide for more mature believers. Comments welcomed!

BFF's first decade of ministry reportOur first decade of ministry

Some of you might want to catch a view of our first decade of ministry. See the way the Lord has taken us from the very beginning of Biblical Foundations for Freedom to now. Again, we give praise to God for His wonderful works and thanks to you all for praying for us along the way!


Praise the Lord!

Prayer Requests

In God's Love, Paul

Paul J. Bucknell/BFF
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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