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February 10, 2011
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Uganda & Ethiopia

Equipping Pastors to Do Their Best!

Dear Prayer Partners,

What a great opportunity to train Christian leaders around the world in key concepts and practices!

Two international training trips are in the planning for 2011. The upcoming African trip will take Paul to Uganda and Ethiopia.


Last April Paul took an exploratory trip to Uganda. Pastor Mubiru, the young, new leader of 400+ churches, has a burden to rightly train up the pastors.

Since then he has held four classes to train other pastors the same material. Graduation was held last October. He has requested a D2 seminar on Reaching Beyond Mediocrity and a Marriage Seminar. Because of increasing costs it was necessary to limit each seminar to 100 attendees.


This will be the first trip to Ethiopia. The Ethiopian church is very old and has many traditional churches and customs. Some suggest that the ark of the covenant is hidden there.

Pastor Fikre first contacted me when doing research in UK on discipleship. Since then he has been asked to head up his denomination and wants to introduce discipleship training ideas and materials to his people and to other Christian leaders in Ethiopia.

Prayer Requests

In God's Love, Paul

Paul J. Bucknell/BFF
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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