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Wednesday, August 4, 2010
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Dear Prayer Partners,

Excitement starts in our hearts as we meet with God and anticipate His work in and through our lives. But joy and delight is further witnessed when we see God actually at work!


Another grandchild is born! We welcome our new granddaughter, Brianna Raquel (daughter of Elias and our Christy), to our family! It was neat to hold her and pass her around as one by one Linda, I and our children each took a turn to hold her. How precious is new life.

Share in our Home Church

The past Wednesday we were encouraged to share at our old home church in Lynn, MA. This is the same church that Linda grew up in, and I was ordained in during our service in Taiwan. How special to see many old friends and even a few relatives join us at that meeting. Paul shared about the ministry and we prayed together in small groups.

East Asia trip is coming quickly

Praise God that we received the first donation for the September training yesterday. Only about six weeks away. Paul will travel via Singapore for three seminars. We now have 2.35% towards the funds needed.

Paul tells the brothers over there to pray for him and funding. They often pray and fast together in groups. We wait upon our Heavenly Father to mightily minister to those on the other side of the world!

India ministry via Skype (internet) complete

We received an encouraging report from India and those that Paul was training via Skype. Besides a month of training in the School of Discipleship, they were actively serving.

"So far 4,520 houses have been visited and Gospel tracts given, out of which 72 families responded and wanted to know more about the Lord Jesus. Eight families opened their hearts and houses to have fellowship with the Lord Jesus.

Out of eleven of them, 9 will directly serve the Lord under the supervision of our house church pastors, and will be gradually added to our house church pastors list."



Many thanks for your prayers and support,


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom
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