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Saturday, July 3, 2010
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Pastor and Leader Training Seminars in September, 2010

Dear Support Team,

The Reason

Some have asked why I am not taking my annual trek to India. mmAlthough I have a great burden for the work in India and plenty of requests to go to India, God has led me to a different place this year.

Not one, not two, but three organizations from this country in East Asia sought us for providing leadership training. I believe this was orchestrated by the hand of God. (These groups are not related to each other).

At the same time, a translation ministry there has requested BFF's materials.

God has opened doors for us to train His people in this restricted country.

Description of country in brief

One brother from there provided me with this introduction of where I will be going.

"There are, approximately, 58 million people and 7 percent of the total population is Christians, and Buddhists 87 percent, and the rest are Hindus, Muslim. This country has been ruled by military dictatorship since 1962 that due to the political condition, there are many problems and hindrances Christian ministry face here. Although there is no official religion, Buddhists religion is considered as the major religion with special access to public resources and governments supports."

Most of the believers have been from tribal areas in the north but many are coming to faith in Christ Jesus. There are many disciples of Jesus eager to step into ministry.

Seminars Planned

adtBFF will hold three three-day pastor and Christian leader training seminars. Depending on the situation, we design a specialized track of training along with translated material.

This time it will be both an overview of spiritual development (The Flow) and at the same time teach them how to grow personally, find breakthrough and how to help others grow. Doesn't this sound like Christian life and ministry?

This is the backbone of leadership development, and so we start here.

Will you consider joining us in this ministry? We're planning two urban training seminars and one in the rural north.

Needing your support


Many thanks for your prayers and support,


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor
Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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