Pray BFF Letter #140

November 6, 2008

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Dear Prayer Team,

"Do you have any suggestions?"

It has been an interesting two weeks. I started receiving a number of phone calls and emails largely from pastors who are interested in implementing discipleship in their churches. I was happy to talk and give them suggestions.

Often I would pass on links connecting them to this and that web page on discipleship. Their web searches on discipleship matters often lead them to BFF. Discipleship 2

They all started their conversation in the same way. "We know discipleship is important, but we really do not know how to implement it in our churches." From east coast to west coast, even to Hawaii I talked to these individuals. The pastor from Hawaii was truly renewed in his heart.

These phone calls made me think that I need to write a web page on the basics of implementing discipleship in the local church. The more I thought of it, I realized what I am presently writing and teaching, a discipleship series for the second level, was just the thing I needed.

This is the second (of three) level of discipleship training and hopefully serves as a very practical class that helps believers get beyond their own spiritual problems so that they can help others. Most Christians have not matured and seem more like couch potatoes rather than those bearing fruit.



In Christ's Majestic Love,

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell
Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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