Pray BFF Letter #141

November 24, 2008

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Dear Prayer Team,

Vision & Plans

I am thinking much about BFF's past (8 years now!) and future as I prepare for the BFF board meeting. How has God accomplished His good and perfect will through BFF? What more could we do? Or could we do what we do with a better heart? How do we discern these matters?

Our earthly life serves as an opportunity to show the Lord how much we love Him and His ways. There is much debate about how much input God has in what happens in our world. These matters are not simple.

Two truths must work together: (1) God's sovereignty and (2) God's command for man to ask Him for the things to be done. The way this works out is not easily discernible! We must first know Him and His general will and then bring Him the requests that we think would delight Him.

God thrust me into a new arena of ministry 8 years ago on an early Saturday morning in November. The vision given then, remains the same now. Release God's Word in order that His people might wonderfully reflect His glory on the earth (revival in short).

He called, has faithfully led and provided. In all these years, I have never run out of things to write. This is His marvelous hand at work, and I give Him thanks. The new intermediate discipleship class is just another example of how He faithfully teaches me so I can teach others how to find renewal through the power of the Word of God.



In Christ's Majestic Love,

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell
Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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