Pray BFF #112

August 7th, 2007

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Dear Prayer Team,

Travel Time Draws Closer

Paul in India! Pastor Stephen on left.We praise God for the $1,400 that has come in for the STM trip since our last letter. We still need $7,600 for the trip to India and Malawi. We have seen a number of answers to prayer. Tickets are bought! The travel agent was very patient trying to book flights that she had never heard of (me either).

With an average of ten talks for each of the five seminars, (3 different seminar content), that averages out to about fifty talks. Some will be combined only with a short break. So do pray.

Pray for me. You might think I have the talks all sorted and organized in my mind but actually I forget them until I review them before the talk or look at my notes. The positive side of this is that I am very open to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit! I need Him.

Pray for my family as they prepare for me to be away from Sept 10th to October 6th. Linda is just starting homeschool during that time with five official students and one unofficial student!


We have actually incorporated Biblical Foundations for Freedom. We still have a few steps to go to receive the 501-C3 status but hope to finish up the process by November 1.

Some things will be a bit more complicated, but overall it seems to be the right direction. It will simplify our donation process and tax deductible receipts. We will present ourselves as a more credible organization to those who do not know us. We will be able to apply for grants. Let me share how this might help.

For example, one brother who runs a missionary training organization on the northern edge of India, wants me to have our material translated into Hindi, India's main language. This would open wide the door to reaching those on that continent. This is true with Arabic, Spanish, Chinese and other languages. English is wide spread, but its penetration is not very deep.

A grant will give us the means to not only translate training materials but also provided for their distribution at hundreds of different Bible colleges all over India. A grant would also enable me to hire translators, visit, develop training material and encourage this process. Of course, having such a status does not mean that grants would be available. I believe with BFF's overall training perspective, Biblical materials, leadership training materials and our cross cultural understanding and contacts, we are a good candidate for receiving them.

Thanks to God

Praise God we have the tickets in hand!
Much more has been written for the upcoming seminars.

STM plans are finalized.

Paul appreciates God's grace for recent preaching opportunities.

Paul, Linda and the family had a good time meeting up with family in New England.

We are excited to see God moving people to give and pray for the India-Malawi trip.

Requests to God

One person is still considering going to Malawi but has difficulty getting needed flights.

Asking God for $7,600 for STM.

The manuscript for Principles and Practices for Biblical Parenting needs final editing.

Smooth processing of nonprofit status.

Paul and Linda are teaching at a church retreat on Sept 1-3.

Preaching Sunday (August 19th).

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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