Pray BFF #111

July 10th, 2007

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Dear Prayer Team,

An Eye on the Future

As I was preparing for the short term mission (STM) to India and Malawi this Sept/Oct., it occurred to me that the business idea for goals has its roots in the concept of faith. Without projecting ahead according to what God wants and dependence on how He will provide for His work (faith), then there would be no STM. Planning is crucial to accomplishing God's work, but we must be careful to do it in His way. Do pray that all the arrangements will be made in a timely manner.

The second half of the trip (Malawi) is not yet finalized so I cannot secure tickets.

Two people are thinking about joining me for parts of the trip but have not yet decided. Unsure time factor is part of the problem.

Arrangements for location, food service, are being made for the 4 seminars. Translation has started. The last seminar is in planning.

Paul has completed 6 rough drafts and is working on handouts so that there is time for translation.

Keeping Focused

In the midst of preparing many talks, I need to remember that there are more than 10,000 people coming to the web site each week. Here was an encouraging email that came this morning. It helps me remember these people in prayer too!

I am a regular visitor to your website. I draw incredible inspiration by reading the articles and using them not only in my life and family but also in our ministry. My my wife and I lead a ministry in India. In our group we are 29 men and women there. Most of us are married and have children. So the family articles on the web are really useful for all of us.

On July 8th we had a invitation service,we printed some cards and invited our friends and neighbors and everyone. We had 33 new friends come for the meeting. Now we have set up studies with each of them to teach the Bible and help them to know God. For which we even take help from the articles on God and Jesus from your collections. Hope to see many become Christians with in next couple of months.

I encourage you not only to pray that God would radically work in the lives of these 33 new people, but that you would plead to God to give you such an opening to those around you. People everywhere need the Lord. It is interesting how people in the Western world are getting more and more desperate but at the same time repulsed by Christianity. May we be challenged by the great Love and glory of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks to God

Thank the Lord that the SICT (Summer Institute of Christian Training) at our church went well. It was tremendous to see the gifted teachers work together to produce a good time of training by the the Lord's grace.

Paul has finished six rough drafts for the STM. God has provided that needed concentration.

Most details for the trip have been finalized.

Extra help from brothers on the incorporating process for making BFF nonprofit.

Grace for the increased preaching of late.

Requests to God

Pray for the 33 newcomers in India (see above) and other situations like this all around the world.

STM (Sept 10 to Oct 5th?). Confirm dates and flights. Wisdom on whether to invite wives to India seminars (facilities very limited).

Funds for the STM.

Paul hopes to finish the manuscript Principles and Practices for Biblical Parenting within two weeks.

Stepping along in processing nonprofit status.

Blessing to those 10,000+ readers each week.

Preaching this Sunday (July 15th).

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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