Pray BFF #108

April 27th, 2007

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Needing Your Prayers

Dear Prayer Team,

The biblical parenting documentary, "Raised by the Hand of God," was shown in the UK last Tuesday and will again be shown tonight 11pm (UK time). We would appreciate your prayers. Although our email address was not on the video, some people found us and emailed us.

We are grateful for God using this door to give His people a greater glimpse of His good ways. From a few responses, we can see how God is using it. Sure, the documentary is not balanced in that they overemphasize the negative aspect of training, but it gives a good portrait of two families living by God's ways. At least they can go to the website and get the whole picture. BFF's free use of online materials helps people know we are not just another group trying to make money. Let me give you an overview of three kinds of responses.

"The righteous is a guide to his neighbor."

A Muslim - Pray to find salvation!

I was very surprised to get my first response email from a Muslim (we will call him N). In fact, he did not write about parenting but about my salvation testimony that is recorded there on television (we hoped they would show this version with my testimony).

N was telling me about how hearing that vision was so close to the truths in the Muslim faith. He shared about the gulf of fire and how if people’s good works do not match up to God’s expectations, then they will fall through. I used the opportunity to share with him how this early warning for me not only warned me of hell but of how trusting in good works would never bring me to Christ.

A Backslider - Pray to know Christ!

A woman also promptly emailed me. She was upset because she felt equivocated chastisement with abuse. We can understand that many have been chastised not in love and have suffered. C admits she no longer follows the Christian path any longer. She thinks she has found a greater path of "light, life, liberty and love." Pray that God would have mercy and awaken her out of her backslidden state from which she will perish.

A Modernist - Pray to know God

This man (M) wrote a nice letter even though he voiced his open disagreement. I could learn to write better like him! He has confidence in modern psychology and their practices but was upset at the notion that children are born evil. He claims to be a Christian and know scriptures but sure seems to be caught in the modernist mindset and does not know the God of the scriptures.

ADT - Advanced Discipleship Training

What a thrill to work with Pastor Hugo from our church. He has a great vision for training and has seriously set his heart to do it. In the middle of a very busy schedule he is taking time to co-teach an one day ADT course. Our vision is to train up leaders from within our own church. We hope this will catch on and become the vision of many churches around the world. Most churches just adopt the seminary model of training: others do the training; we shepherd. Many pastors have not taken up their responsibility to raise up and train leaders. BFF assists by providing suitable materials for those who want to embark on a training program within the church.

Please pray for Hugo and I as we prepare and teach a one day ADT training on Saturday, April 28th. Pray for Paul as he will be speaking in Chinese for this seminar.

Thanks to God

Praise God that Paul's salvation testimony was and will be broadcast in the UK (though they use it for their own purposes) in the documentary).

Thankful for good help for the cover of the parenting book from a busy mother of five!

Challenge on how to answer people who are upset with the unbalanced documentary. Its purpose is to rattle up people like this. Ours is to show them God's greater ways.

Thank the Lord for someone to care for children during the parenting classes.

Learning more how to handle podcasts.

Requests to God

April 27th "Raised by the Hand of God" showing in UK again. Pray that God would raise up a greater group of parents who devote themselves to raising godly children.

April 28th Pastor Hugo and Paul will be holding a one day Advanced Discipleship Training seminar.

Five Chinese parenting classes have passed. Five more to go. The twenty plus parents need wisdom to know how to rightly raise their children.

Kathryn's asthma has flared up and has not yet settled down for a month.

Still have a little final editing for the manuscript for the Principles and Practices of Biblical Parenting book.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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