Pray BFF #109

May 21, 2007

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Prayer Makes a Difference!

Dear Prayer Team,

The picture of Moses holding his hands high so Joshua could win the battle remains a poignant image today of the need for constant prayer. We thrive on prayer. I do not mean the the ritual kind of prayer that the world believes in as if it is magic. Instead we come in the Name of Jesus Christ before our Heavenly Father who has instructed us that He does His work through our prayers. If we lack in prayers, we suffer. Let me give you an example.

I have been praying regularly for 4000 pages to be viewed each day by about 2000 people. At times my prayers are very focused. I can really believe God for the extra grace to cause His blessing to come to His people around the world through BFF. We then get letters like the following.

I am writing a book on marriage and I have found the information on your site to be very helpful. There are a few things that I would like to refer readers to on your site. I know that your site will be a tremendous blessing to many people. It has been for me.

Hello I am the mother of 4 boys. Been real burdened today over my eldest sons disrespect and terrible anger. He mouths,swears a lot around home. i have a hard time to control it ,as he rages so bad ,if pushed he breaks thins. He was on Ritalin of 7 years and raged like this mostly when coming off it. Now he has to learn emotions without drug control. He did give his heart to the lord about 3 years ago.. He has a good foundation from  homeschooling and christian school. He is now in high school. He has ADHD and has learning disorders. Their are no excuses for his action,we just need to understand him. I pray for deliverance  all the time.

Something has to be done. His anger is beyond normal. I made a Dr, app. for friday...but i hate medication,only conceals the underlying issue or problem. What can i do. Dad also has similar problems has learned to control it better and has now health problems and burn out, He recently came through open heart surgery in Feb. Their has been an awful lot for me  the mom to deal with. I also have to be the leader. Not scriptural but I cannot make Dad do it, it has to be God dealing with him personally.I would appreciate prayer and counsel. i downloaded a bunch of those papers and hope to talk with my son and hubby both on them. They nether one reads well. Do you have any  cds or videos on these subjects?

Most churches have discipleship only as a program of the church. In the ministry God has impressed me to start-up DISCIPLESHIP is the structure, philosophy and thrust. No church so far in Cebu City is fully a discipleship church most are hybrid set-ups where discipleship is just a program. I'm saying this from an objective perspective because I am an adjunct professor to several seminaries here in the city and no church seems to have the courage to try out a FULL-DISCIPLESHIP church because the organizational setup and power structures will surely be affected.

As the Lord has started to grow the ministry I have been searching for material that is not only skin-deep but is theologically and biblically deep to root the people I've started to disciple. I hope I could ask from the free materials you are providing.

Thanks to God

The Advanced Training Seminar at our church went very well-all day Saturday. Thank the Lord for helping Paul's Chinese. (Plenty of room for improvement!)

The parenting course is much appreciated. We have one class left (May 29th).

Kathryn's asthma is much better thanks to a new medicine and the Lord's grace.

Almost done finalizing the manuscript for the Principles and Practices of Biblical Parenting, in book form.

Praise God for giving us 29 beautiful years of marriage. We have grown so much and are still growing after God's great design.
Generous financial provision.

Requests to God

Our second largest national readership is from Russia this month. Pray for God's work through the BFF material being viewed there.

May 23rd-26th- SICT (Summer Institute of Christian Training). This is three four-hour classes all relating to rightly handling the Word of God. Pray for the 5 teachers and that God would mightily use SICT in the lives of the students. See brochure.

Pray that this mother and son would have growing faith in our Lord to fight and conquer anger.

That God would fully accomplish what He wants. Pray that God would stir others who receive this prayer letter to have focused prayers.

Preaching on May 27th and June 10th

Paul needs concentration to develop seminars and specific seminar topics ( for USA and overseas).

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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