Pray BFF#22            April 29, 2002

Dear Prayer Team,

Discipling Sons
Discipleship must be the major task of every man. No matter what our occupation is, we need to focus on molding our lives and the lives of others to be more like Jesus Christ. Often we are satisfied with outward conformity rather than heart attitude. That is short-sighted. Any seeds of rebellion stored in our attitudes grow into disobedience.

Paul has written several articles on the decay in society. A recent one, however, on the decline and rise of society from Judges brought Paul to a decision. Daniel, our oldest son, is now able to read well. How is he going to become all that God has designed him for? In order for God's Word to dwell in our children's lives they need to be discipled in God's Word. The goal is not just to pass on skills but to bring God's Word alive in his heart. So many children are turning away from the faith. Paul has written out step-by-step how he is studying Proverbs 4 with Daniel in Discipling Sons.

Reaching the Nations
God has been bringing BFF through humbling times. He is grateful that readership had been up, but it has had wide fluctuations in the last two months . The Lord has been using this time to help focus on the heart of BFF's ministry. We would summarize BFF's goal as: Raising up godly men and women throughout the nations that Christ may return. God has been stirring up the nations thanks to your prayers!

Wisdom and discernment are needed to discern the needs of different individuals and groups asking for help in using the web materials or for possibly going to teach some of the web material. The most urgent request is a ministry in India which wants to use BFF's materials for a new Discipleship Training Center. They want to train men up and send them out to unreached areas after only 6 months of part time training. Let's pray with them!

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

  • Thanks for the title "Goodness and Contentment." God has been funneling lots of ideas in for The Godly Man series.

  • Altogether we have six sessions on the web from the Overcoming Anxiety Seminar. The latest was 'Destroy and Occupy.'

  • Thanks for further contact and prayer for this 'Life Shine Ministries' in India.

  • Praise God for an increase in international contacts and interests.

  • Thank the Lord for one day we had over 700 page views. Our Goal is average 500 per day for this year.

  • Praise God for Elizabeth's help in better organizing BFF's homepage.

  • Thanks for consistent opportunities for training and counseling others.
  • Work on the brochure is progressing but not yet completed.

  • Paul has four more seminar sessions to reformat and load on to the web.

  • 'The Godly Man' series is due tomorrow! Pray for grace and wisdom as Paul completes "Goodness and Contentment."

  • Pray for a special discipleship time each Sunday with his son.

  • Pray for a deep and enriching marriage for Paul and Linda.

  • We need discernment how BFF's materials can most effectively be used or merged into an effective set of materials for the Indian Discipleship Training Center. They would translate the materials into their language.

  • Pray also for wisdom on how to follow up a Russian ministry that wants to help us translate our materials into Russian.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda

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