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PrayBFF#1  March 18, 2001

Dear Prayer Support Team,

Thanks so much for your willingness to pray for BFF (Biblical Foundations for Freedom) and our family. We are trying to firm up a list of committed people for the BFF Prayer Support Team. We have had some indication in the past of your interest in praying for us and so have included you.

You might be more comfortable receiving the Bucknell updates instead. The Bucknell updates will come once or twice a year once we have settled down. The Prayer Support Team on the other hand, will be receiving updates 1-2 times a month, maybe more. The Bucknell updates will also be sent to the prayer support team. If you don't contact us, we will keep sending you the BFF Prayer Support Letter.

Please let us know if you would rather only receive the Bucknell update or have a change of email address. We will have a special web address for you so that you can access it in a nicer format with the latest prayer items. You will not find a link for this from inside the homepage to keep this more private. The address for this will be

Your prayer for us has been of such encouragement and a real assurance of God's blessing over these last months. So many changes have happened and more are on the way! But Linda and I have such a great peace from God in our very changing world. WE THANK YOU! Not to overload you, we will just start off this week by sending specific thanks and general goals for the ministry.

• Found a good Christian web server (this is where the web pages are located). They just increased our available space by 5 times with no increased costs!

• Developing some significant contacts with possible developers.

• Special time to minister and share of this ministry in Baltimore back in February.

• Established the web site according to schedule (end of January).

• Support has started coming in (33% level of budget) on earth

• Development of materials on discipleship, anxious thoughts, etc.

                Dealing with Anxious Thoughts

Desired Fruit

• Love and dependence on God and His Word Pray for the Spirit's mighty work of conviction, repentance, restoration and reproduction for every person entering the web site, Christian and non-Christian. Pray for the seeds of renewal to be spread liberally about.

• Effective materials for ministry and deliverance Pray for powerfully-used web based materials to not only counter the selfish, materialistic and sensual materials springing up everywhere but establish hope and desire for what is good, holy and obtainable by God's

How does it work?
Remember you don't need to do anything if you do not want to change anything. If you receive this letter, you are already subcribed (no cost of course!). You need not write anything in the body of the email. I colored the text for clarity but you shouldn't. I will append this information at the end of each letter so do not worry about losing the info. And again, contact me with any questions with this process or if your letter is unreadable. Here are three options:

If you want to get off the mailing, you send an E-mail as below:
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If you want to change your email address, you need to send 2 E-mails:
(1) Old email unsubscribe (do above: send from old email address)
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Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda

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