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The Godly Man book

The Godly Man

When God Touches a Man's Life

Paul J. Bucknell

The only path to holiness is to know God more!

"Till I die I will not put away my integrity from me" (Job 27:5).

Rev. Bucknell has much experience teaching/training leaders here and overseas. He has written extensively on family, Bible and discipleship Christian growth topics.

God's attributes are not only to observe God's character but to affect man's life by producing godly lives.

"I have recently purchased your book 'Godly Man' and again feel so blessed by it... So many Christians today do not understand who they are in Christ and consequently keep on suffering. -Alex

The Godly Man

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Description of The Godly Man

The Godly Man is great for personal or small group study!

In order to restore a Christian’s love for God and his quest for godliness, ten poignant subjects are discussed in an unconventional way.

The Godly Man through Biblical instruction, word studies and brief relevant theological studies combined with testimonies penetrates commonly held mindsets that hold back the growth of the godly man.

As we approach God and delight in His truths, the falsehoods and cheap imitations of what many think of as Christianity, peel off and fall away. Each subject area: purity, humility, grace, love, truth, faith, waiting upon God, goodness, fear of God, and righteousness becomes in and of itself a journey closer to God.


Men around the world are pursuing God.

They are tired of the world.

They are sick of their sin. They want God. They insist on godliness.

One man said that he wants “an intense spiritual life and more of a passion for God.”

Another said, “Help me live for God instead of for myself.”


Contents of The Godly Man

The Godly ManWhen God touches a man

Ten great studies!

The Godly Man: Righteousness not Compromise

The righteous man not only grasps the honor of righteousness but also has explored the consequences of not living a righteous life. Compromise is always costly.

The Godly Man: Fear God, Fear not Man

The fear of God is that awesome reverence of the LORD deriving from being sensitive to His glorious, holy and majestic Person resulting in respect and obedience.

The Godly Man: Goodness and Contentment

Goodness finds contentment with what God has given.

The Godly Man: Waiting Upon God, not Man

Waiting upon God is exercising confidence in God's timing and help during difficult times.

The godly man's confidence is in God rather than in his own resources.

The Godly man: Faith and Faithfulness

Faith is trusting and obeying God despite one's circumstances.

The Godly Man: Truth Not Deception

The man of truth unrelentingly commits to understanding and
being like Jesus Christ as shown through the Word of God.

The Godly Man: Love not Lusts

Love makes the commitment to care for others without respect to their response.

The Godly Man: Grace and Graciousness

Grace brings God's goodness into the life of the undeserving.

The Godly Man: Humble not proud

Humility is accepting ourselves as we really are before God and thus allows God's holy change in his life.

The Godly Man: Pure Heart, not Divided

The pure of heart have a singularity of heart which enables them to disregard distractions which call them away from their main mission to supremely love God.

Some history on this book

Bucknell family 2009This book began as a series through which I called men to wholeheartedly commit themselves to godly living. We had many people sign up from around the world.

I stopped having men sign up, but the call still goes out today - not from me but from God.

My hope is that God will raise an unwavering army of godly soldiers across the world so that we might as a church reflect His glory here across the earth.

Picture of Paul, Linda and their 8 children (also one son-in-law and grandchild).

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