Interesting Worry Facts

Interesting Worry Facts

Fact #1

Not everyone wants to stop worrying!

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a bookQuite a few people feel that worry isn't that bad.

1) Some don't want to get better because it is a way to get attention and feel important. This is called self–pity.

2) Others don't want to get responsible for then they would need to confess their wrongs. They would see all the problems that they have made for others and feel responsible for them. This is hard on the pride.

3) Others, of course, just never heard how God helps people out of worries! This is what we are trying to do through these sessions together.
Fact #2

Worrying always ruins a person's life!
No such thing as 'good' worry.
The evil one knows that as long as people worry, they will be ineffective in what they do.

• Worry strips away our faith and love.
Christians are saved by faith, but they also grow and serve by faith. If we are worrying about our lives, then we are no longer living by faith. This affects our fellowship with the Lord. The opposite of doubt is trust. The biblical opposite to worry is prayer for prayer is when we entrust God with our needs (Phil. 4:6-7). Of course we can pray and not believe, but this is not genuine prayer. Our worrying reveals we do not believe.

• Worry takes away our love.
Worrying shows that we are preoccupied with our own lives and success. We are unable to have agape love. The evil one can not force you to be ineffective, but he can get you to volunteer to being a handicap Christian. Nothing is sourer than a Christian without love!
Fact #3

The roots of worry stem from one's heart not from outside pressures!
Most people believe that outside pressures cause worry. Our life circumstances, however, only reveal the problems of our heart. They do not make them.

Fact #4

Most 'cures' for worry only cover up the real problems!
The world's treatment of worry only manages worry. It does not bring true healing. Jesus healed people. The same God is here today with us.

Are you looking for a patch or a cure?
Fact #5

Worry can by God's grace always overcome!
Great confidence can be found in a God who restores us. God designed us to trust in Him. Anxiety is 'unnatural' while peace is natural. God sent Christ to restore our faith and confidence in His love.

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