Answers to the Worksheet

Coping with Worries

Session #5

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a book

  • Slide #2
    The answer is 24. (Hint: 5 X 5 -1)

  • Slide #3
    Is there a way to reject these anxious thoughts?

  • Slide #4
    Did you ever feel something was true even though later you found out it wasn't?
    Anxious thoughts demand a response.

  • Slide #5
    The more we
    internalize these anxious thoughts, the more they will bother us and inflict problems.
    Two helpful outside sources are
    friends and our spiritual journal.

  • Slide #6
    1) Evil people were openly seeking his
    2) No one seemed willing to
    stand up for him. He was alone in a dark, dark world.
    He had
    no control over these life threatening situations.

  • Slide #7
    The transformation of our lives comes from the
    renewing of our minds.
    We should be reject any
    meditative therapy that tells us to 'stop' thinking, whether it be some TM hum, yoga meditation or medication. They dull the mind.

  • Slide #8
    Once a missile has penetrated the
    defense line, then great damage results.
    When we no longer have a sufficient ability to evaluate the truth about each of the worrisome thoughts that invade our minds, we accept them as

  • Slide #9
    Once they have entered area #3, they have turned into
    Step #1   Outside our mind - irrelevant
    Step #2   Inside our mind - relevant
    Step #3   Inside our heart - influential
    Instead, you do a little reasoning, discard his allegations and drive off.

  • Slide #10
    1) Declare the truth of God
    2) Admit the truth of our
    3) Detect the truth of our
    In fact, we need to scrutinize our circumstances to see if our personal decisions have
    twisted God's original design.

  • Slide #11
    Feelings are a
    companion to our souls designed to amplify the state of our inner lives
    Although these feelings may reveal real insights into our inner lives, they are notto be identified with our
    Renewing of the mind means we take God's perspective and let it
    shape how we live.
    We do not need to respond as we

  • Slide #12
    We are often overwhelmed with a certain situation because we have taken on a
    task that God has not called us to do.
    King David was not afraid to admit his
    The difference between God's plans and our is that we
    worry about ours.
    The best way to test our situations is to go back to the
    beginning of a project and detect how the project began.

  • Slide #13
    Am I in this situation because I made a
    decision that counters God’s principles?
    Am I in this situation so that God may be
    glorified through my trust in Him?

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