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Pray BFF Letter #315

October 8, 2018 (pdf | epub)

The Way It’s Supposed to Work

Dear Prayer Partners,

I sometimes focus so much on the process that I forget where BFF is headed. Yes, I pray each day that the resources might go to the ends of the earth and edify their recipients, but I still can get process oriented.

A recent prayer letter from one of my coordinators brought our goal into sharper focus. Pastor Lito, from the Philippines, described taking three days to reach a mountain village tribe to teach them, largely using BFF’s discipleship 1 resources. I was so encouraged to realize that one of the pastors I worked with, is now actively equipping others, especially in far-flung places. I have seen this before in northern Myanmar, Africa, and in India, but I have focused more on getting resources to places rather than equipping workers to equip others.

Pastor Lito (and many like him) have no regular financial support but are burdened to go and equip local pastors and leaders so they can be better trained to care for the sheep under in their care. He left a comfortable, larger church to plant a church in a very rural area in the middle of banana and rice plantations. In the meantime, on his own, he regularly travels many hours to train other pastors/leaders. This was the first time he went to this mountainous region, requiring a 3-day journey. You will notice the improvised motorbike (above) and boat (left: floating 8 hours down the river on a raft).

Resources are helpful, only as much as they impact the recipient. Our goal, is, however, to provide accessible resources so that they can use them to teach others also. It is wonderful to see the whole plan activated here and elsewhere. This is partly why we believe much more can be done when we invest $35 or so into a device that becomes a literal library for untrained pastors in rural areas. Please pray for Pastor Lito for a rabid dog bit him on his trip to the mountains. He has three more shots to take. The Gospel goes out not without cost and reward.

Filipino villagers
• The videos for the new seminar on effective Biblical meditation called “Deepen Your Roots” is almost complete.
• Third quarter taxes are done, but I have made two mistakes that I need to straighten out.
• Thankful for the many recent opportunities for Linda and I to mentor.
• The new website development is again progressing. A new volunteer has joined our small team!
• Thank the Lord for being able to work with men of high caliber around the world
• Almost full healing for my bad back.
• Finally over jet lag.

Please pray for:

• Pray for healing for Pastor Lito’s rabid dog bite.
• Seeking wisdom on an important decision.
• I need to focus on web development at times but am easily distracted by other BFF projects.
• Paul leads a team of teachers at church. We have another pre-study on Isaiah this Wednesday. Every teacher has put much effort into their preparation and study.
• Still seeking for a broader financial support base.
• Guidance on securing devices to distribute BFF’s resource libraries to rural pastors in faraway countries.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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