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Pray BFF Letter #314a,b,c

September 14,17,22—2018 (pdf)

Singapore and Beyond

PrayBFF #314a
September 14, 2018

Dear Prayer Partners,

Sorry to be so late in writing but the network refused to work beyond the city boundaries. 

Wow, already halfway through the trip. How nice to visit Singapore after so many years even though the trip was short. Thank you for your prayers for the family talk. Wow! This class had formerly gone through our Biblical Parenting book but had some questions. In the end, I answered their great questions for around 6 hours—in Chinese. A few kindly jumped in and helped with some of my lost vocabulary words or need for restating. This is one of those appointments that I had on the books for more than a year. Praise God for working it out.

Davao, Philippines
The first seminar concluded yesterday. The numbers were down some, but the pastors were so appreciative for the seminar, "Striving for Moral Purity." My goal was not just for individual development but helping them be able to help their members fight against the worldwide attack on righteousness and morality. The more one departs from biblical standards (ie., God's design), the increasing amount of harm come to people. But no one seems to care for the people. So sad.

The coordinator, Pastor Lito, teaches Bible classes around this southern island for pastors who have not been able to receive training. His family was almost killed in a recent car crash.Thank the Lord for sparing them!

The Next Step 
On the way here, I skirted two hurricanes (typhoons), and now I am still facing such threats. Actually, we had a mini-hurricane storm hit our little church where I was teaching. Powerful winds (bending coconut trees) and driving rains, first from one side and then the other, but all in a 1 1/2  hour time. When class finished, though there were some big puddles, the storm had disappeared.

Another super-typhoon threatens the north of the Philippines so if it stays on track, my plans should proceed okay. I will take two steps north, first to Bacolod City this morning and then to Manila. Hopefully, the typhoon will have left by time I reach there.

So do pray as I speak tonight, tomorrow, and then at worship services a few times on Sunday. Christy's family came north to escape the hurricane in the south. Do pray.


Philippine Proposal

PrayBFF #314b
September 17, 2018

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you so much for your prayers. Yesterday's sermon on forgiveness is still being discussed by the leaders here. May God's Word abide in our hearts and empower us.

My ten messages are now over and soon heading for two days in Manila. Pray for me as I make a proposal to some business leaders here in this country. I have been seeking the Lord on what kind of proposal I could make to help this country. I just finished my proposal. 

The Lord really highlighted the needs of helping the pastors in the rural areas. How could you help 2,000 very poor pastors with no training but called to ministry? Only 10% in rural areas receive formal training. They have their small churches but struggle. Recently, one youth shared as a pastor's son (from another church) when telling us about his super-strict father (pastor) and how the evil one used that to greatly trouble his life. Training could have minimized that problem and many problems and false conclusions. You would be surprised how your understanding might be more right on than many of these pastors. They are called and yet have no one to help them integrate God's Word into their lives.

I see these needs and strategize on their behalf. So, if you are still up, pray for me that God might bless these pastors around the Philippines...and the world.

I am grateful to see how God has used the messages here to help God's people.

Heading to Manila in a few hours and then back to USA on Wednesday. Christy's family went back to Raleigh area today.

Thanks again for accompanying me in this ministry to release God's truth to this new generation!


Praise and Thanks - STM 2018

PrayBFF #314c
September 22, 2018

Rice field by the church where a seminar was held

Dear Prayer Partners,

I arrived safely home Wednesday night and am now going through the typical jet lag experience. Linda and I appreciate your prayers on our behalf. The typhoon was chiefly affecting the north. See the blue dot where I was at the time?The ministry trip went well. Praise the Lord that the money needed for the trip came in after my departure, giving BFF full funding for the trip. Also, thank the Lord for navigating me between at least four hurricanes/typhoons. All I experienced was one mini-hit while I was teaching. But after my message, it disappeared and cleared up—all in 90 minutes. We had torrents of rain coming sideways, but there was no big flood.

The meeting with the businessmen went well and reminded me of the opportune time we have to serve, not just in the Philippines but the whole world. Several teachers greatly appreciate these resources and use them to teach their classes. I challenged the business leaders to fund a low-cost viewing device onto which I would add our 64gb BFF content. Then, we could distribute these devices to the rural pastors—90% of which have not received formal training. These rural pastors work hard and make great sacrifices but face many difficulties. They do not know God’s Word well.

This device could work as a teaching aid or a tool to equip the pastors anywhere the pastors can read English—even without the internet. Those that have internet can now freely access BFF resources through the Seed Project.

Stage two is to arrange for these pastors to meet once a month to review resources from one of the tracks (libraries).

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! It is always a great privilege to join the Lord in His work.

• Praise the Lord for giving me the grace to minister in Chinese and English, speaking well over 20 hours.
• Very thankful for protection from the typhoons
• Full funding came in for the STM trip.
• Numerous personal mentoring times.
• Developed a new series on Biblical Meditation.

Please pray for:

• Adjustment to jet lag.
• Preaching Sept 23rd on Ephesians 1:13-14.
• I need to follow up on meetings with those from my trip.
• Donations have been quite low this summer.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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