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Pray BFF Letter #303

January 2, 2018

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Converge 2018

Dear Prayer Partners,

All your prayers for editors, web help, and opportunities suddenly came together in the new year! Suddenly, like a feast, my plate is overfilled, and I’m scratching my head as to how to get it all done. Thankfully, this didn’t dawn on me until after we returned from spending a wonderful time with family in three places during the holidays. I had a good rest, a good mental challenge with competitive board games, and enjoyed the gift of family love and harmony. (Click for our 2017 family letter.)

Converge 2018

Now, however, I need the gifts of prioritizing, grace, and tact to appropriately meet each challenge. Of course, in between these major projects, there are many, many smaller tasks like teaching and preaching this Sunday, meeting this person, having a meal with that family, expanding that article, etc. Big projects are often laid on top of the regular schedule.

I have started praying about this. I asked my wife to pray as well as the pastor’s weekly prayer group that I attend. Now I’m asking you to pray with and for me, not because I fear it won’t get done, but because I want it done in a way that glorifies our Lord. I have written this prayer partner letter for many years now because we are doing God’s work together. As we pray together for Him to strengthen, lead, and give grace, He is pleased to answer in His special ways.

A Giant Thanks to all of you who have so faithfully joined us in this work! 2018 will prove to be a very key year as we work together, seeking His wisdom, love, grace, and guidance.


  • I am very thankful for the 3 books that have passed the editorial stage.

  • I am very grateful for a brother that helped me better understand and prepare to move things to the new website.

  • I am very thankful for all of you who pray for BFF and this work.

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  • I now need to process the 3 books for paperback publishing by reading, improving diagrams, and touching up printing details (two of the books are quite large).

  • Preaching and teaching on January 7th (this coming Sunday).

  • I now have 100-200 hundred (?) hours of work to do for the new website.

  • I need to make plans for an Asian seminar after Easter.


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Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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