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Pray BFF Letter #302

December 9, 2017

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Slow dowN!

Dear Prayer Partners,

November’s plan definitely did not turn out the way I thought! Just like planning a trip, one carefully calculates the time and costs only to find something unexpected derails the plans. This happened with updating the BFF website. Someone promised help but has not come through yet.

If I didn’t have anything else to do, I could have studied and activated the new WordPress theme on my own. But since I have many other things to do, like editing counseling articles and charts, and updating BFF videos, I worked on them instead. Seriously, I seem to start fifteen new articles/projects each week but only finish about 4 of them. This is okay, actually. I tuck the unfinished projects into the proper resource folder to work on later.

I just discovered a study/commentary on Joel from 4-5 years ago that I never finished! So one day this week, I took this extended article out of the digital attic, brushed off the cobwebs, and plan to release it soon. Even though many unfinished articles are stored away, at the right time they come forward and join the list of resources that BFF offers to the world.

So, in the same spirit, though the Big Move never worked out when we hoped, we wait for God’s timing. God encouraged me through the Book of Esther today in my personal Bible reading to remember that from the beginning, BFF has been a God-created and God-timed ministry. I would like to say all this was planned, and maybe it was, but not by me. The Lord has faithfully led us to make a huge contribution to the resources at hand for growing Christians. Same thing with finances. We originally did try a budget, but that was useless, and now take a salary as finances come in. We adjust our expectations, work hard in faith, and watch God do marvelous things.


  • The other day I ran on my foot (short run) and it didn’t hurt! Okay, no more foot news but so happy!

  • We are now laying plans for training in Nepal in April 2018.

  • The curriculum on the church has progressed nicely.

  • Someone else has indicated that he will help translate articles into Chinese!

  • God has wonderfully used our times of counseling/mentoring to minister to others.

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  • Pray that The Big Move to the new website happens in God’s time! Waiting on God always bears more fruit than insisting on our own schedules.

  • Preaching and teaching on December 24th.

  • Final joint planning for the new curriculum on the topic of the church on the 13th.

  • Wisdom for ongoing counseling and mentoring.

  • Pray for the remaining funds for BFF come in (about 20%).


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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