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September 2017

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Reports from Myanmar STM

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thursday Sept 14

Hi from Burma!

Myanmar 2017special projectsTwo days of packed teaching are past. The fifty or so in attendance are very grateful. One middle-aged lady came up to me and used hand expressions, including a thumbs up, to show her appreciation for the messages. I will speak tomorrow again and then move down to Yangon on early Saturday.

My foot is doing okay. Each day sees a bit of improvement. For example, though my toes on my broken foot are black and blue, the darkness is gradually disappearing, and I can stand up without my sneakers on without significant pain. This is great, especially as I spend about 3-4 hours standing while teaching. The rest of the time I sit down with my translator up on the platform.

Things seem to be working out very nicely. Many of the attendees will travel back north after the seminar on an 8 hour bus trip to their villages. Do pray as I will speak at a church Sunday and then 5 packed days of different messages. I am always deeply moved by hearing how God has or is working in these brothers and sisters.

Praise God, I made it safely here. It was some trip, perhaps my longest. God prompted different people to help me, one stewardess insisting she order a wheelchair for me. Three wheelchair experiences saved me in huge airports. And praise Him that it seems that the full money for STM has come in again.

In Christ’s Love


Thursday, Sept 21, 2017

On the Home Stretch

yangon seminar

Dear Prayer Partners,

I just finished my first day of the third and last seminar here in Yangon, Burma. It was wonderful to see a few old faces and many new ones, hearing the stories from the frontiers of God’s kingdom, watching the way the Lord held off heavy rains so that I could record the training (or else it would be too noisy), learning from one coordinator of God’s grace preventing me to stay in a previously resided hotel as it had a big fire the day I arrived.
Most important, of course, is the honor of bringing the precious Word of God and hearing their deep appreciation despite the intense heat and need for translation. They just love the translated books (3 of them). Though I have been hobbling about here and there, one coordinator remarked I looked more vigorous than usual after speaking at a seminar. Although I feel much older with the cane, I do feel well.

Well, I am on the home stretch now, leaving only one day left with about 5 hours of teaching. I hope I don’t need a wheelchair on my journey home through Canton (Guangzhou). My foot can handle some stress but not much (but at least it is there if I need it), but I’m not coming home light as I am bringing home over 100 of my Burmese books.

Your prayers and financial support have been greatly appreciated not only by me but by these precious people of God laboring hard. The above church building, for example, was built only several years after their bamboo church fell apart in a storm by members learning to make cement and bricks and reusing their former tin roof. Fortunately, the orphanage housing of 42 held up.

Please pray for these attendees to be further empowered by the Spirit of God as they return to their fields of service.

Thanks so much for your prayers!  


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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