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Pray BFF Letter #298

September 6, 2017

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OFF TO MYANMAR with a limp

Dear Prayer Partners,

I did fracture my foot (5th metatarsal bone)! I finally got to see the doctor on Tuesday, who seemed quite positive about me going to Myanmar. The gears in my mind, wound by the prayers of many around the world, brought me froMyanmar 2017special projectsm 60%-40% NOT going to 80%-20% to GO.

I worked through many details in my mind, trying to foresee how I might handle different situations. It helps greatly that I can now put weight on my foot to test it. So I have decided to go and now am in high gear preparing for the travel and the delivery of up to 30 messages, starting next Wednesday (Sept 13).

3 seminars are planned, each being translated into Burmese. This is good for my voice as I can relax as the translator proceeds. It also helps to get more resources into Burmese. Myanmar has gone through much in these last several years and is still, but be at peace, I am not going to any unsafe areas. 50%Pray for the advance of God’s kingdom among the many people there.

Please remember me on my travels. I leave next Sunday, Sept 10, and will travel for about 30 hours before getting to my destination. Earlier, my air travel through China excited me, but now it means hobbling along with luggage to switch airports.


  • I decided to continue with trip to Myanmar starting this Sunday.

  • Short Term Myanmar trip funding has reached 51%.

  • Most of the messages are ready, and the 180 Burmese books have reached the northeast for the first seminar.

  • The Genesis class I taught last Sunday went well. I used a stool instead of standing the whole time.

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  • Paul has many messages and notes to get ready and keep organized.

  • Do pray for good healing for my foot. It only hurts when walking on it.

  • Remaining financial support (about $2,500) for STM trip to Myanmar (Burma).

  • Paul is teaching Genesis on Sunday (Sept 10th) and then running off to the airport for a 4pm flight.
    I return on Sept. 23rd.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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