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Pray BFF Letter #297

August 31, 2017

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Dear Prayer Partners,

Not a few people ask me, once they discover I fly direct to Asia from NYC, “How long does it take?” 15:10 is the answer: fifteen hours and ten minutes to Shanghai non-stop. This raises other questions, of course, but nothing as challenging as the problem that just occurred. I am hoping I did not break my foot!Myanmar 2017special projects

Just after I booked my last hotel in Myanmar today, I stumbled and stepped on my foot sideways-ouch! The swelling is quite evident. Please pray for this ‘distraction’; all the other issues seem to have been worked through. I was even able to publish 3 copies of my book, Life in the Spirit! to take to the coordinator who requested it (as well as to the other 2).

So this gives me ten days to be able to walk normally. I am hoping and praying that the swelling will go down and there are no broken bones, but we will see. Right now, my left foot is up on my desk next to the computer, with an ice pack on it.

However, we do have some praises and prayers. A few new and occasional donors have graciously given to BFF and to the BFF STM fund in the last month. Our style of fund raising for BFF is different from most, in that we do not purposely go out to raise support but look to God to move people to give. We have raised funds in the past for our missionary work in Taiwan, but when He called me back in 2000 to start BFF, we wanted to see how God would provide for us.

Looking back, it is obvious how God has provided and led this BFF mission. So if you want to support us or want to know our support level, please ask! We only have five regular supporters (people or organizations) which make us a faith mission. Join us as we reach out to the nations each day through the many biblically empowered training resources.


  • Just today everything was finalized for my trip to Myanmar.

  • Short Term Myanmar trip funding has reached 34%.

  • Paul has been able to prepare many more talks (around 14).

  • Isaac started college well (as well as Daniel and Rebekah(grade 10)–our last student at home).

  • The Genesis class had a great start this past Sunday with new students attending.

Follow Paul on Twitter! @PaulJBucknell


  • Paul is preparing for his last STM messages (probably 8 left).

  • Paul’s left foot needs quick healing.

  • Remaining financial support (about $3,000) for STM trip to Myanmar (Burma).

  • Paul is teaching two more Genesis classes and leaving after the second one for Burma! (Sept 10th)


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Phone/text: (+1) 412*398*4559 (Mobile)
3276 Bainton St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 USA

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