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Pray BFF Letter #295

July 15, 2017

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Target: Myanmar

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thanks so much for your prayers! I have finished as interim pastor at our church! I have largely transitioned back to focusing on BFF’s ministries. Myanmar 2017I am now making headway editing the videos from the Striving for Moral Purity seminar and at the same time trying to peg down reasonable plane ticket for the Short Term Mission trip to Myanmar (Burma). Honestly, I don’t know how I otherwise managed. That was God’s extraordinary grace. Thank you and thank the Lord!

The big item in full sight now is Myanmar. The schedule came together very easily over the past 3 weeks. For that I am grateful. Now I am preparing for 3 Pastor/Discipleship school seminars at 3 sites in Myanmar. Each seminar is unique, covering different topics. Unfortunately, the plane trips are extra long with a few 7-11 hour layovers. One of the decisions I need to make is whether or not to get a hotel in NYC for one of those layovers. E ven with a moderate hotel, the STM budget will go up.

Meanwhile, Christy’s family will be moving in with us next week for 10 days, before they move to Raleigh. Isaac has no positive responses on scholarships for college. Kathryn might have a starter job in floral design and Elizabeth has not yet given birth. Ben and family are soon moving to another house in Sarasota. Allison is busy making wedding plans. If you ask for prayer requests, I am sure a full answer would fill up two sides of a sheet of paper, but I will only provide a few highlights for you below!


  • The Striving for Moral Purity workshop went well. I could easily have doubled the speaking time and coverage of the worksheets, but the beginning was significant.

  • The busy speaking season has concluded. I am so grateful for God’s strength.

  • I was able to squeeze in a short trip to Boston to be with my Mom and family for my uncle's funeral.

  • Thankful for the many new resources I am able to create and upload almost every day.

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  • I am teaching the second class on an Inductive Bible Study on 2 Thessalonians tomorrow (July 16) at our church’s adult Sunday school.

  • Pray for my children in the various changes of life (see above)!

  • Pray for increased financial support, not just for the STM (~$6000) but also for the general fund.

  • Wisdom to write, edit, video edit, preparing books for publishing.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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