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Pray BFF Letter #294

June 22, 2017

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Busy Season

Dear Prayer Partners,

Has it really been a month since my last prayer letter? Yikes.! I guess that indicates a busy schedule which includes: weekly preaching, preparing for the new workshop- Striving for Moral Purity, and prep for a few other classes.

And all the other fun time fillers like: birthday celebrations, engagement party (Allison), helping Christy’s family as they get ready to move, Father’s Day, Baby Shower (Elizabeth). And, coming up soon, preparing for our new pastor’s arrival at OIF!

The balancing act

But time has moved on. Pastor Josh is already on the way here. The church council retreat is now past (see right). The Beatitude Series has only 2 more messages and the seminar starts tomorrow, June 23rd. I am excited about it all but have time only to focus on preparing the 5 messages for the workshop.

So do pray as I teach this seminar for the first time. We have invited people from surrounding churches, but it is not an ideal time for many to attend. More importantly, however, it is a spiritual warfare. I will deliberately focus on freeing people from the enslaving power of lusts through the Holy Spirit and God’s Word. I need your prayers. And as a trainer, I am also training them to help train others to do the same.
Your prayers are much appreciated at this significant junction.


  • The new pastor is on the way, and we are helping their family move in on Monday, June 26th.

  • The Kingdom Living series from the Beatitudes has been well received. I have also been providing a special children’s worksheet for them.

  • Allison and her fiancé made it up from NC to attend the baby shower and for her engagement party.

  • The church council retreat went well and signals the coming time for me again to fully focus on BFF ministries.

  • Our new passports have arrived so I can proceed planning this fall’s trip.

  • We are in the process of having a book, Walking with Jesus, translated into Burmese.

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  • God’s powerful Word for the “Striving for Moral Purity” seminar starts tomorrow! (6/23,24,25,30;7/1).

  • Elias and Christy are working through selling their house but need lots of prayer for buying.

  • One college scholarship for Isaac turned up nothing but he is hoping for another to attend Cedarville University.

  • Planning for the next Short Term overseas training trip (many invitations; discernment needed).

  • Please join me to know how to best use BFF’s resources to build up God’s people around the world.

Stretching can be tough!


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

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