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Pray BFF Letter #288

February 23, 2017

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A Miracle

Dear Prayer Partners,

I like them and I don’t. How many of you would want to be there either watching the Israelites cross the Red Sea on dry land or in fact cross it with them? It was a fantastic event. But remember, like any good movie, if you were there, then you would also have to suffer the fear and terror of the Egyptian army coming after you, being hemmed in, your littles one next to you… This is the part I don’t like about miracles. We often need to come to the point of no reserves where fear and worry easily attack. Insecurities of all sorts arise. So, though I like the miracles, I don’t like the circumstances necessary for them to occur!.

It all started, I believe, when I told the Lord I want to glorify Him. It was just a typical prayer yesterday, but the Spirit brought it to my mind. It registered. I did not ask how He would glorify His Name through me.

A miracle happened yesterday.

I had mailed my passport to the Nigerian office very early, as they said it would take 3 weeks to process a visa. But I didn’t know of extra processing fees needed, but found out later and sent that in too, trusting all would work out. I needed to get the passport back in order to apply for a Cameroon visa. But I hadn’t heard anything from the office so I called them. It was a holiday so I called another day. As they looked through the paper work, they said I should get it back around March 8th. I was incredulous! I am leaving M arch 6th. This would be like 5 weeks after I sent it in. They explained they start counting from the time I sent the money for processing (that I never saw in the requests).

They told me that the only thing I could do now was to send another $55.40 to expedite the visa, but then it would still take five days. This would have given me no time to process the Cameroon visa. Even if I went down there, it says it will take the week to process. I looked over the Cameroon Embassy website and other travel agents but they all said the same thing. I wrote back to the Nigerian coordinator that I was trying to come but it did not look like it would happen.

In any case, I was resolved to mail in the expedited fee of $55 as the officer told me, doing what I could. But as I prepared the envelope, postponed a meeting with a brother, I went downstairs to find that all our cars were all gone. I had no way of getting to the Post Office! So I saw that the Lord wanted me to wait. I would meet as early as I could with that brother at my home and then go.

Much spiritual wrestling was going on through this time. Just as the Israelites by the Red Sea were wondering what was going to happen, feeling quite vulnerable to outside conditions, so was I. It was like evil spirits like serpentines were crawling all over my mind to cause worry, doubt, and paralyze my responses. I could see this fret trying to penetrate my mind and soul, and realized this was not proper. I remembered that I should praise the Lord. I had to reason with myself that, yes, it was impossible to work out, but God was in charge whether the visa came through or not.

At the same time the Lord brought to my mind what I had read earlier that morning in my devotional Bible reading time–the Exodus and the crossing of the Red Sea. I remember thinking that I have no need for such escapes. But then He showed me later that yes, I was caught and couldn’t do anything about it. So I just started going through the house singing praise songs to the Lord. The fret and worry left and I could get prepare for my discipleship meeting with my brother. Nothing had changed from my vantage point, however. My passport was stuck in an office waiting $55. And I could not start processing my Cameroon visa in time. I had to trust the African seminars into the Lord’s hands. I lifted them up to God and gave them to Him.

I was planning to send the money after my meeting with the brother, but while we were meeting, the clerk from the office called me. He asked whether or not I had sent the money. Apologetically, I told him no but would right after my meeting. He said, “Miracle. It is a miracle!” Then he told me that they processed the visa that very day without any extra fees. So he told me not to send the money in. Praise God!!!!
The saga is not over. I still need to receive back my passport and then apply for the Cameroon visa today. But I doubt it can all happen today. But I have confidence, seeing the miracle, God will provide and direct in His way.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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