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Pray BFF Letter #286

January 6, 2017

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“That I may know how to sustain the weary one with a word” (Isaiah 50:4).

Dear Prayer Partners,

Our goal is to communicate the sustaining power and life of God’s Word to others. BFF book Visaya The Life Core: Ang Kinauyokan sa KiriabuhiOne way we do this is through writing and publishing books that bring more insight and clarity to important areas of life.

It was extra special to start this new year by receiving a southern Philippines-Cebuano/Visaya language translation of The Life Core. This is exciting, though the challenge that accompanies it is to find time to shape it into a printable book (probably requires about ten more hours).

What made this first week of the new year even more exciting was a recent phone call from a brother who heads up a ministry that works in many of the countries that I have taught in and have resources for.

His ministry, like BFF, strives to work in places where others do not serve. He found BFF on the web because he was desperately looking for any discipleship resources in the Cebuano language. We are grateful that we could begin the process by linking him to our resources. He asked when the above book would be available because he has ministry there in Cebu.

Among the many other challenges of ministry, I am also finishing up plans to visit Nigeria and Cameroon to train pastors and Christian leaders. More about this in our next letter.


  • Thankful for a great beginning of the new year.

  • translator notes on The Life CoreWe are grateful that our Oakland International Fellowship (OIF) could move to the main sanctuary without any big snags.

  • Thank the Lord for the translator that went at night to an internet cafe to rent a laptop and internet so that he could translate the Visaya book (see sidebar).

  • I am very grateful for the constant stream of ideas God gives me to teach and write. I never have a dry moment and allows me to be enriched with the demand of a busy teaching and preaching schedule.

  • The new series for our Sunday training class, Fostering Spiritual Growth in the Church, has begun with many grateful comments. I work with a team to teach this. Please join our class even if through the web!

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  • This Saturday (1/7) I will give an evangelistic message to about 35-50 unbelieving students from India at our church hall.

  • Can you join in praying for us that God would begin to marvelously draw internationals to Himself through our church.

  • Nigeria and Cameroon are our next seminar sites for training pastors and evangelists. I have much to prepare and funds to raise.

  • Salvation for K. who is very distressed. May God open her heart.

  • I am very involved in teaching/preaching and training others. Pray for extra grace each Sunday.


Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President, Author, and Instructor

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