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Pray BFF Letter #256

Sat Mar 28, 2015
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That's Why!

“Now it came about at that time” (Gen 21:22).

Dear Prayer Partners,

BFF celebrates its 15th birthday by sharing memories of how the Lord has provided in timely ways. Hope in His grand provisions inspire us for the future. In this letter we will reflect on timing. Why did BFF begin when it did? It was God-arranged, and surely, the Lord understood what He was doing when He gave me a clear vision that became BFF fifteen years ago.

God’s perfect timing for some technological advance has enabled BFF to just get by. Let me share the most recent example. My computer’s backup hard drive kept indicating that there was not enough room for backing up files. I tried excluding files, etc., but in the end the warning kept popping up. No backup was occurring. The next step seemed obvious – buy a bigger backup hard drive. In the end I did do this but only because of the timing: Inexpensive 4 terabytes (yep, pretty big) hard drives only now can be bought because of amazing technological advances.

Software ( the web, java scripts, the internet, Google search) and hardware (hard drives, faster computers, international web links, cell phones) advances have accelerated over the past fifteen years. I remember when work on videos was impeded because it took too long or because once completed, I did not have space on my computer or on my web host to store them. Those days are far in the past now. God wonderfully birthed BFF to move ahead with the many technological advances.

Through technological advances BFF’s many resources can speed around the globe. Just this last year, global data traffic increased by 54%. The first chapter of The Godly Man in Telugu (used in Andhra Pradesh, India) has been downloaded 71 times so far this month! It is all in God’s timing–part of His ingenious plan to strengthen His people around the world through the teaching of His Word. Praise Him for His timing!

Meanwhile, keep us in prayer. Linda and I have tickets to go to Taiwan and Myanmar (Burma) to teach two seminars, about ten messages each: the first on parenting, the second on marriage.

Two seminars: Taichung and Yangon

We know these are strategic advances because once we booked our tickets (and wrote our last prayer letter), the distractions and troubles began (as usual). We had serious water and electrical problems. I have learned that if I do what I can, pray and wait, God works it out. It is only the evil one trying to distract us.

Thanks to God, both issues are resolved. The power company replaced our incoming wires. The water company wouldn’t do anything about our water pounding and pipe vibration, but persistent in prayer, God answered prayer by causing water to come up like a stream in the middle of the street. It was so obvious that a salt truck salted it to keep cars from slipping on the ice. They finally fixed the pipes and our water problems were resolved. These things are funny in hindsight, but do keep us in prayer as the meddler still hangs around. Prayer requests below.


Lots of Thanks!

  • Praise the Lord for His timely work over these past 15 years and the hope He gives for future work!

  • Messages last Sunday seemed to go well.
    God worked out our electricity and water problems without costs!

  • Changed auto insurance and save $180/per month.

  • A surprise book happened this last week! (I’ll introduce it next letter.)

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  • Burma visa applications in process. Pray for quick acceptance.

  • For protection and wisdom for the translators of two books, hopefully finished by early April.

  • Although basic preparation is done for these two seminars, getting ready to teach them is like learning them anew. By God’s grace I will speak the Taiwan course on parenting in Chinese.

  • Paul needs wisdom as he develops two new teaching curriculums for our Sunday Training class: Revelation has been taught before; but not the one on the Holy Spirit.

  • We have a number of issues on our hearts and minds, for family and ourselves. Pray for guidance, provision, sensitivity and help.

As always, thanks so much for your prayers!



Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom


Phone/text: (+1) 412-398-4559 (Mobile)
3276 Bainton St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 USA

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