Pray BFF Letter #197

September 2011
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My Grace is Sufficient

“My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Dear Prayer Partners,

Due to internet restraints, this letter combines several Myanmar updates.
This is sent from Singapore. I just got here.


September 8th, Thursday 2011 @ Pyin Oo Lwin

Thanks for your prayers!

We have seen remarkable answers to your prayers. When I got to Yangon, the rain stopped. When I reached the mountains in the north, the rain stopped. We have had a shower or two, but fairly nice. The sun even came out today for a little bit.

I just spoke four times and will speak once again tonight on the Love of God from Ephesians 3:14-19.

Praise God I have been feeling fine. Adjusting well to the time. Only up at 4 this morning.

The people have been powerfully moved during the messages. God is working. We are one third through this seminar. Do keep up your prayers.


Paul J. Bucknell
Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Sept 11th, 2011 Sunday evening @ Yangon

Flew back to Yangon today, still feeling full strength. Thank the Lord for great connections.

The first seminar went very well. How special it was to see the rain stop.
It exposes our little faith. God wants us to have more faith.

The attendees were very attentive. They were finally willing to ask lots of questions when I gave them some paper to write down their questions. Many people experienced delivery from many persisting sins and given the tools to tackle most any spiritual problem. I challenged them to take what they learned and share what God has done in their lives with others.

I have a lovely view from my hotel room here back in Yangon. Some trees and plants with colorful flowers and fruit attract both birds and butterflies.

Monday, tomorrow the 12th, starts the next 3-day seminar. It will again be demanding with four sessions a day.

It greatly encourages me to see how God uses your prayers and resources to advance His kingdom to the ends of the world.


Sept 15, 2011 Thursday morning (6:15 am) @ Yangon

I was hoping to get to the cafe early to process email but the hot spot is not working again. I  ordered a large omelet. A bit greasy but otherwise good. I've been able to skype with Linda a few times. I'm always encouraged to see her.

The second seminar went well. We had our struggles. One night the team stays up praying so the beg rains do not come. They always came at night rather than the day, however.

One night they stayed up praying for me. I got severely weak the first day, even though I had felt fully well the previous seminar. I must have eaten or drunk something that bothered my stomach because I had severe diarrhea. Nothing would stay down. Fortunately, I was in my hotel room and praise the Lord I had some anti-diarhea pills. They worked. My body recovered slowly, though only eating a banana and later a little white rice. No further problems.

Despite these issues, God has provided grace with a slightly reduced schedule (less a 1/2 hour), slept during lunch, much to the despair of the cook who had good things ready for me to eat. I could join them for a short meal before my nap on the last day. People were really ministered to with the messages. One said that he had never heard such messages that addressed the practical things he faced in his personal life and ministry. Praise God.

However, a friend helped me book a doctor's appointment while in Singapore. We will see how I feel with regards to my ability to keep my numerous appointees with people interested in some aspect of our training.

Sept 15, 2011 Thursday evening (10:41 pm) @ Singapore

I just arrived in Singapore.
This morning I spoke at a small Bible School (in Myanmar) for three hours, joined them for a nice noodle lunch and then taxied back to the internet hot spot that was still cold. The classes went well and greatly enjoyed teaching.

My strength varies from 80% to 90% but it might be worse if I was not babying it.
I sat while I taught – except when I got excited.

This New Life Bible School is so tight for space because of the orphans that they cannot accept more students. They don't mind it being surrounded by still water (except the entrance road), because they can worship freely without constraints of bothering others.

I can't believe I have spent a week in Myanmar. I have either been teaching or sleeping but by God's almighty grace everything was accomplished and we saw God stirring the hearts of this young and old CHristian leaders.

Now pray that we discover what this problem is and find full strength.

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President and Instructor

Biblical Foundations for Freedom


Phone: (+01) 412-398-4559
3276 Bainton St., Pittsburgh, PA 15212 USA

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